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Battlefield:1943(XBLA) Review

Battlefield: 1943

Release Date: July 8th, 2009
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): EA
Developer(s): DICE
Multiplayer: 1-16
Co-op: None

Battlefield:1943(XBLA) Review

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 08 Jul 2009 |

Close but no cigar.

EA and DICE are really counting on Battlefield to be a huge franchise for them to compete with Call Of Duty. With Battlefield:Bad Company 2 coming out this winter, they are hoping Battlefield: 1943 can really fuel the hype machine. Sadly it does so little, you’ll have forgotten all about it by the time Fall gets here.

Single Player

There are no single player modes available in this downloadable game. It is strictly multiplayer only. Unfortunately for us, that isn’t strong enough to make up for nothing in the way of single player action.

These maps are huge.


There is only one mode available here and it’s Conquest. Conquest is not the same mode you are used to. In this version there are locations on the map to control and earn new spawn points. These spawn points earn you the right to spawn in that location and have first dibs on the vehicles and turrets located there. The end goal is to kill the enemy team until they have no reinforcements (known as Tickets here) left. The game doesn’t actually tell you how many tickets each team has but it looks to be around 75 based on our experience.

There are three classes to pick from Infrantry, Rifleman and Scout. Each has different weapons and one specialty perk to help out its squad. Infantry has a sub-machine gun, rocket launcher and can repair vehicles. Rifleman has a long range rifle, a grenade and bayonet attachments. Scout has a Snipe Rifle, a sword and has demolitions charges which can be set and then detonated whenever you choose, great against vehicles. Lacking are any weapons additional to those listed. You don’t find any on the map or unlock any as you rank up.

As you play you will earn experience for kills, assists, and winning games. This EXP goes towards leveling up, but since there are no unlockables, there really isn’t much investment in this system. There are awards you can earn for being top score in a round, getting milestones for kills, win, etc, but really have no purpose as you again unlock nothing by gaining these. They are purely for bragging rights.

Vehicles are included on each of the three maps in 1943. There are tanks, jeeps and planes. The planes have a difficult learning curve but after a few games you will be able to take out other vehicles and bomb bases. They don’t feel as smooth as they could be, but are still fun considering most games do not have any aircraft at all.

Vehicles are best used to blow up anything in sight. As DICE have once again shown that destructive environments are key to making multiplayer as chaotic as possible. You can blow up buildings, towers and anything else in between. This changes the map which changes the game as it goes.

You can't hide from me.

The multiplayer can be fun with a few friends for awhile, but in the end you will just want to go back to Halo, C.O.D or whatever other flavor of multiplayer suits your taste.


The achievements are about as average it gets. You earn them for winning, getting kills, playing certain number of games, etc. Nothing stand out here worth having fun trying to get.

Closing Comments

EA and DICE are a very talented team and it’s dissapointing that something so small in content is released for 1200 MS points. Not having a single player would be fine if the multiplayer was more expansive and had a more rewarding unlockable system to get invested in. If you have the extra points and you love Battlefield, then check it out, if not don’t waste the points. Save them for the DLCs that will follow the real battlefield in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 this winter.

Score: 7/10


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