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Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2

Release Date: March 22nd, 2011
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): EA Games
Developer(s): Crytek
Multiplayer: 2-16
Co-op: None

Crysis 2 Review

Posted by Scott | 22 Mar 2011 |

Destiny’s a bitch, huh? It’ll be on you now son.

In 2007 Crytek Studios brought Crysis to the PC and, at the time, it was, almost universally, agreed that it was the best looking game ever. That is a high standard to live up to and purists are skeptical about the decision to bring Crisis 2 to consoles. I’ll be honest, I’m not worried about what ultimately happens with the PC version, those of us who own an Xbox 360 won. Crysis 2 is a fantastic looking game that moves along at a great pace and also delivers a solid multiplayer platform.

Single Player

Crysis 2 isn’t just another, formulaic, single player campaign being used to prop up a multiplayer offering. Though the story never gets much more interesting than your average action movie, the individual events will have you staring in amazement. The addition of the Tactical Options offered by your visor are what set Crisis 2 apart from other shooters. The basic setting for Crisis 2 has an alien virus ravaging New York and the Marines on hand, along with C.E.L.L , a private security force, to manage the quarantine and evacuation.



In Crysis 2 our silent (again?) hero, Alcatraz, is decked out with a Nano-Suit. This suit is what will offer most of the differences between Crysis 2 and your run-of-the-mill shooter. With the Nano-Suit, you can jump higher than a normal human, grab ledges, run fast, up your armor or cloak yourself from view. All of these actions spend Energy which slowly depletes and if it reaches zero will go through a cool down period. Your suit will also notify you when Tactical Options are available. Frequently in Crysis 2 you’ll be presented with a large area to traverse, usually an area filled with bad guys. The Tactical Options will point out a number of different routes or strategies to get you through the area and you can tag one or more so they will remain visible when outside your suit’s visor view. Sometimes the options will be as simple as some heavy weapons so you can blast your way through, but others offer stealthy ways to bypass the conflict. Though the single player campaign is essentially linear you will have plenty of real options for strategies to make your way through. While you won’t find it revolutionary, the Crysis 2 campaign will be a nice departure from the norm.

Also, weird aliens!


The AI is fantastic when it doesn’t go horribly wrong. Enemies will not give up easily if they spot you, then you cloak. Enemies with laser sights can see you even if you are cloaked and will sweep their lasers around as they patrol. I have never died in this came to come back and have enemies behave the same way they did the first time. That being said, I did come up on more than a few enemies running in a tight circle and ignoring me. Very strange for that to happen multiple times. The only real complaint I have about the campaign is that sometimes there was no objective on the mini-map and it was very ambiguous as to where you were supposed to be going. I’m not sure why some areas, where you did have an actual objective, didn’t warrant it being on the map. Even so, at 8-10 hours, the campaign was far longer than your average shooter these days and well done despite a few small things. The environments look great and vary wildly, you won’t get bored here.


Crysis 2 has a strong, and fully realized Multiplayer component. There are multiple game types, named differently, but recognizable as deathmatch, capture the flag, etc. If there were no Nano-Suits, the game would feel a lot like Call of Duty, you can’t take much damage before going down. Now, since there are Nano-Suits involved, Crysis 2 offers a much different experience. Maps are designed to be multi-level to take advantage of the jumping and ledge grabbing abilities of your Nana-Suit. Also strategic use and metering of your cloak or max armour powers are a must. My favorite point to mention is kill streaks, they offer much the same rewards as other games with one twist; when you kill an oponent, they drop a dog tag that you must walk over to pick up or that kill doens’t count toward your kill streak. Tired of snipers hiding and racking up the kill streaks then unleashing attack choppers on you? No worries, snipers will have to come down from their perch to nab dog tags if they want kill streaks. A very interesting way to handle things. With plenty of the standard weapon and upgrade unlocks available this could be a long lasting game for you and your friends, if it turns out to be your thing. Also, a Co-Op offering would have been welcomed, but this isn’t a perfect world.


A good mix of campaign and multiplayer here. Most campaign achievements are awarded for finishing the campaign on all difficulties and using your suit abilities. There are some great online achievements as well, most notably, one awarded for playing a match six months from the day you played your first match. Ingenious.

Closing Comments

Crysis 2 offers a great looking game with a generally solid and unique single player campaign. The multiplayer is fun and offers a lot of potential for longevity if you and your friends feel it’s vibe. People who are hungry for a multiplayer shooter to carry them through the summer should definitely check out Crysis 2.

Final Score: 9/10

Developed by: Crytek Studios

Published by: EA Games

Release Date: 03/22/2011

Multiplayer: 2-16

Co-Op: None

Review Score: 9/10

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