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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Release Date: August 23rd, 2011
Genre(s): Action
Publisher(s): Square-Enix
Developer(s): Eidos Montreal
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Deus Ex Human Revolution Preview

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 04 Aug 2011 |

The truth will change you.

It’s been more than 8 years since the last Deus Ex game was released, and it’s about time we get a new one. Eidos Montreal are rebooting the series with the prequel Deus Ex Human Revolution on August 23rd.

The game is set in the year 2027 and puts you in the shoes of Adam Jensen, ex-SWAT and current Chief of Security for biotech company Sarif Industries. Sarif are one of the leading companies in the Human Augmentation market. The world around you is divided by the controversial merge of biology and technology. Society is torn apart and the world is changing. After an attack on the Sarif head offices, you are shot and left for dead. Sarif are able to revive you, while upgrading you with the very augmentations that are tearing the world apart. Augmentations make you stronger, faster, and more intelligent with skills such as hacking, sprinting, cloaking, regenerating health and many more.

Wait, are you reading thecontrolleronline.com? Ok, you're free to go.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is part first person shooter, part 3rd person shooter, part stealth and part RPG. The combat is played out similar to Splinter Cell Conviction with a cover system, stealth attacks, and plenty of weapons. When put in a combat situation you can choose to go in guns blazing, attract a ton of attention and put your life at risk. You could also sneak around the environment and take out each enemy like a silent assassin, or if you want to you can sneak through the level without killing anyone at all, if you can maneuver (objects can be moved to create new paths) through the obstacles without being seen. The way the camera works is you can zoom in and out from first person to 3rd person view, depending on your situation. If you want to take cover and sneak around, you can zoom out, want more intense shooting and zoom back in to first person. It’s a very interesting idea which seems to work quite well. Fallout 3 had this feature, but I never felt the need to go into the 3rd person view, here you will find many situations to use it.

From what we’ve seen the game looks like a lot of fun with plenty of action (or not if you choose to be stealthy) but the most attracting part of Deus Ex is the RPG elements in play. There is the typical experience points you earn from completing story and side missions if you find and choose to complete them. You can use those EXP points to upgrade your weapons and augmentations. As you play you will also need to make decisions in certain situations, where the choice you make will have consequences. Eidos showed off an example of this where you are trying to solve a hostage situation and you can choose to try to persuade them to let the hostage go in exchange for their freedom but risk pissing them off and they kill the hostage. You can also try to take out the attacker and also risk missing and killing the prisoner. Regardless of your choice, it will change certain things in the game going forward.

Plants don't make for good cover, dumbass.

Not only does having consequences for your choices make the game more personal, it also adds greatly to the replay value. You could choose to keep things quiet and use stealth to kill enemies, escape combat situations, and choose to be peaceful and try to charm your way through the game. Then start a new game and you could be a one man killing machine and tear through the enemies with an arsenal of weapons, and just kill people for what you want. Either way, it’s your game, how you choose to play it. Play the game mutliple times, multiple ways, that’s how you extend the life of the game.

Deus Ex Human Revolution comes out on August 23 and we couldn’t be more excited from what we’ve seen so far. If you aren’t convinced yet, then check out the trailer below.

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