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UFC 134 Main Event Simulation

Posted by Scott Grant | 26 Aug 2011 |

I know who I’m picking, what about you?

Saturday night’s UFC 134 main event is fast approaching and it’s time for us to take a look at who a computer thinks will win. Anderson Silva is the, pound for pound, best fighter on the planet (I look forward to your comments) and Yushin Okami is the most successful fighter ever to come out of Japan. It would be easy to just say Silva is going to win, but Okami’s ground skills cast doubt on the issue when you consider Silva’s fight with Chael Sonnen. What does UFC Undisputed 2010 think? Watch the video below:

UPDATE: Zuffa Inc requested we take this video down. We are contacting them to find out why. If you were still curious, the simulation had Silva winning by KO in the second round, but not before being rocked in the first by Okami. We hope everyone enjoys the event tonight and want to, again, let everyone know that these are just for fun since we are almost as big MMA fans as we are video game fans.

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