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Dance Central 2 VS Just Dance 3

Posted by Tasha House | 16 Sep 2011 |

Dance off October 2011

I always thought that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it’s apparently Dance Month in the gaming world! Two highly anticipated dance titles are set to release for Kinect next month. But who will win the dance battle?

Dance Central 2 (Harmonix) will be available on Oct 25th, but Just Dance 3 (Ubisoft) comes out on Oct 11th. Is using the strategic move of releasing first setting itself ahead of the completion? Dance Central 2 has a bit of an advantage since its predecessor, Dance Central, was already released on Kinect and was a hands-down fan favourite for dance games. But will that be enough? Just Dance 3 is the first release of the Just Dance series to be launched on Kinect, but not the first Kinect or dance game for Ubisoft. The developer has had great success with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Michael Jackson: The Experience, and has applied its Kinect knowledge from these games to JD3.

Dance Central 2 - Every Day I'm Shufflin'


Both new games boast multi-player modes with more than one player dancing at a time. This is a big step up from the past games of the genre where multi-player modes are one player at a time. DC2 allows up to two players at a time with switch outs available during game play. However, in a first for a Kinect dance game, JD3 is capable of four players dancing at a time!

The graphics for DC2 are cartoon-like and creates a fun, comic-book style universe where you are club-hopping and street battling to your favourite songs. In contrast, JD3 has a more digital, Tron-esque universe where the settings/backgrounds change as you progress through the moves.

Just Dance 3 - I Couldn't Ask for another, could you?


Both games have a solid song selection ranging in music genres typical for dance games. DC2 offers the ability to import songs from the original and I assume you will be able to play those games with the new and improved features. On the other hand, JD3 is offering the ability to sing along to parts of the songs, much like Michael Jackson: The Experience.  Each game has various improvements from their originals. JD3 has added playlists and workout plans to its “Sweat it out” mode, while DC2 has an improved “Break-it-down” mode giving the player more control.

So far this battle appears to be a tie. So, I guess we need to dance to find out who will be crowned the reigning dancing queen. Looks like I can skip the gym next month as I am going to be dancing up a storm.

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Check out the trailers and screen shots from both games!

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  • glitch

    i like just dance but…..in comparison to dc1 – 2 jd3 sucks badly lol i think both dance central and dance central 2 are better <—-my opinions

  • Aly123453

    I AGREE 2 ALL except ones who picked jd3 i love dc2 

  • lol

    Similar price points.
    Similar party impact.

    Just ask yourself. If you had to upload a video of yourself dancing, would you choose the dance/song choreography of DC2 or JD3?

    Hahaha, I’d choose DC2.

  • unknown

    i continue with the statement below i forgot to add that dc is hands free no remotes all you need is you a xbox and kinect

  • unknown

    they are both very good games but i prefer dc2 because they have more of the latest and loved songs plus you pick your character and its healthy energetic fun family game this is great for family night even mines did!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer dance central cause it is more fun and u can even pick a dance (boy or gurl)… i prefer getting dance central cause it has more cool songs and some cool dancing. trust me dance central is awesome then just dance 3

  • http://crizztianems cristian

    nooo…los dos estan chidos pro obvio prefiero DC Y DC2 son mas avanzados y son mejores los graficoss¡¡!!!! viva DC Y DC2

  • Tracy B

    I like JD3 WAAAYYYY better than the original DC! If you are playing these games for a workout, then JD3 is the way to go. Also, if you are like me, and you are not so coordinated when it comes to dancing then JD3 is definitely the better game!!! I love JD3 so much better than DC that I am letting my hubby trade it iin for something else!

    • Aly123453

      NO WAY i think the opposite

  • Giovanni

    I agree EXACTLY what Broderick says. Just dance 3 has great songs but the choreography is not as good as Dance Central 2. I’ve been having the first dance central and also played just dance 2. I personally prefer dance central because its just plain better! DANCE CENTRAL ALL THE WAY!!!

  • http://Yahoo.com Broderick

    To me , Personally Dance Central 2 looks better but Just Dance 3’s song list is awesome. Dance Central 2 has dance crews and they actually read your full movements. The game also has WAYYY better graphics and Just Dance 3’s graphics look like my 4 yr old brother’s coloring book. On Just Dance 3 , you repeat some moves over 5 times. On Dance Central 2 , there is better choreography. I Dance Central gets more sells than Just Dance 3.