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Driver: San Francisco Review

Driver San Francisco

Release Date: September 6, 2011
Genre(s): Racing
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft Reflections
Multiplayer: 2-8 Player
Co-op: 2 Players

Driver: San Francisco Uplay Passport Update

Posted by John Carpenter | 13 Sep 2011 |

Can I see your passport, please?

Ubisoft has implemented their new Uplay passport feature for the first time with Driver: San Francisco. For more information on Uplay Passport, click here.

When you purchased the game, you would have noticed an extra piece of paper inside the case with your Uplay passport code. Ubisoft made an error and printed the wrong code on a limited number of copies of Driver: SF, mine was one of them. Due to this error, Ubisoft has made the code free via Xbox marketplace, or you can continue to use the trial which will never expire. So, if you find yourself with a Uplay passport code that does not work, do not panic.

This might also mean, that anyone who purchases the game second-hand probably won’t have to fork over an addition $10 for the code.

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  • http://thecontrolleronline.com John Carpenter

    I don’t think too many people like the idea. Personally, I feel as if it’s just another way for Ubisoft to make a buck. We already pay for an Xbox live subscription and now we have to pay extra to play online if we purchase the game used. I’m sure the reason for this feature is to cut down on illegal copies, but honestly, people will find a way around it.

  • http://www.rompyromp.com tp

    good info. thanks… don’t like the idea of having to enter a code to gain access to play online though.