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Halo 4

Release Date: November 6th, 2012
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Microsoft
Developer(s): 343 Industries
Multiplayer: 2-16 Player Online
Co-op: 2-4 Player Online and Local

Halo 4 Master Chief Artwork

Posted by Scott Grant | 02 Sep 2011 |

Because Halo 4, that’s why.

Since Halo 4 details are pretty sparse right now I’m getting anxious so I decided to post this artwork that 343i released today. Let’s see just how much speculation we can do based on this one piece of artwork. What is the Chief doing? What’s all that broken crap behind him? Is he <spoilers!> busting out of the sleep pod thingy from the end of Halo 3? If so, why is he busting out instead of just waking up? Could this just be art and have no context whatsoever? Let us know what you think in the comments. Wild speculation is welcome and expected.

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  • Brig

    Thanks fear.

  • fear

    Brig, you’re nothing but concept art.

  • Brig

    Well, the trailer shows Master Chief being woken up by Cortana and not busting out of the cryo chamber. We did see that the ship was pretty much destroyed when he floats to the rear (stern? I have no idea). I’d say its more than likely concept art.


    • http://thecontrolleronline.com Scott Grant

      Your speculation is not wild enough.

      • http://thecontrolleronline.com adam

        I`m guessing he is bursting out… regardless of what Cortana did. Either realized its 9:55am and McD`s breakfast ends in ten minutes… or else needs to take a shit from the late night burritos he ate from taco Bell after the bar. He then feels guilty from the damage he caused so gets back inside the thing and glues all the glass back together, all is good when Cortana comes for a booty call.

      • Brig

        Well if you wanted me to be imaginative, we could guess that he was bursting out of his ship because Leon’s was having another one of their Super Savings sales. Or that there was a space taxi driving by and he was trying to flag it down.

        • http://thecontrolleronline.com Scott Grant

          I think as soon as Master Chief steps out of the pod it explodes and kills him and he’s not the main character in the new Halos.