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Red Bull X-Fighters Review

Red Bull X-Fighters

Release Date: September 13th, 2011
Genre(s): Sports
Publisher(s): Konami
Developer(s): Xendex
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Red Bull X-Fighters Review

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 16 Sep 2011 |

A diamond in the rough?

Red Bull X-Fighters Xbox Live Arcade Box ArtAt first glance, Red Bull X-Fighters may seem like a weak game, but once you get past the flaws, you will find there is some fun to be had. Konami released the freestyle motocross game earlier this week, and after playing it for a few days I started to realize it was more fun than I thought.

Single Player

Red Bull X-Fighters is made up of 3 game modes; Tour Stops, Race Tour and World Tour.

Tour Stops is a collection of short challenges you must complete to unlock the other two modes. The challenges require you to either perform specific tricks on a shorter track, or you may need to complete the track in a certain time. This mode is basically practice for the longer modes that you unlock as you complete each challenge.

Race Tour are time trials on the various longer tracks. It’s all about how fast you can complete the track. Stunts are allowed, but will slow you down and aren’t worth it, even if they are fun to do. I’m not normally big fan of time trial modes, but I still had fun with these as you are still hitting huge jumps and getting sick air.

World Tour is the star of the show. This mode is played on much larger tracks around the world, with the goal of pulling off enough trick combos to beat the high score and advance to the next track. This is the point where I really started to have fun, as you are able to combine multiple tricks together on bigger jumps than in the shorter challenges. Tracks on the World Tour also give you the freedom to perform whatever tricks you want, instead of having to do the required tricks like in the shorter challenges. Combining tricks together is key as some of the scores to beat are quite high on these tracks. It may take some time to get the hang of pulling off trick combos, but once you get it, it’s really fun.

Red Bull X-fighters trick shot

As you complete the challenges, time trials and tracks on the world tour you will unlock new bikes and outfits. Each bike has stats for Speed and Acceleration out of 3 stars. Before each track you can pick which bike you want but honestly once I had the bike with 3 stars on Speed, I never looked back. It didn’t seem to matter if it was a time trial or stunt track, having full speed and only 1 star on acceleration didn’t seem to matter. Even once I had 2 stars on acceleration I didn’t notice much of a difference. This could have been taken a step further and added stats for landing, better tires or balance. I don’t really know much about motocross bikes, but I’m sure there is more to it than Speed and Acceleration.

When you first load up X-Fighters, don’t be confused, this is a new game, even if the graphics try to tell you it came out a few years ago. It doesn’t ruin the game but it’s definitely noticeable and not up to par with even the much older Trials HD. The character models are kind of boring, and they really missed the opportunity to include some real life motocross riders that participate in the events such as Travis Pastrana or Nate Adams.

The controls can also get in the way from time to time, with some tricks being extremely awkward to pull off. For example, the Death Walker, which is an awesome trick, you need to press LB, Y, and RT at the same time. Keep in mind you are also pressing A for gas and the LS to control your balance. Not all tricks are that ridiculous, but if you want to do that trick in a combo with another trick such as the Apocalypse which is LT, LB, Y, B and RB at the same time, it can get pretty frustrating. Go get your controller right now and do that, it’s not very fun. They could simplified the controls to use A,B,X and Y for the tricks and then LT to modify or something. I’ve played enough extreme sports games to know that things don’t have to be that awkward to pull off a trick.

Red Bull X-Fighters Ring of Fire

With 28 challenge tracks, 28 time trial tracks and 7 World Tour stops, Reb Bull X-Fighters offers enough single player content to keep you on the bike long enough to justify the 800ms point price tag.


Unfortunately Red Bull X-Fighters is a single player only game. This would have been a perfect game to include some form of multiplayer. Going head to head on a track to see who can pull off the sickest tricks or race against the clock with each other would have been a lot of fun.


Being a freestyle motocross game the achievements here are focused mostly on tricks. With achievements for performing a wheelie for 50 meters, chaining tricks together for 50,000 points in a single trick, crashing 70 times, and more. Most of them should be fairly easy but the 50 meter wheelie and 50,000 point single combo are quite challenging. It only makes me want to play more to perfect my combos to beat that score.

Closing Comments

Konami and Xendex have created a game that once you get past its flaws, is pretty fun. With smoother controls, any form of multiplayer and deeper bike customization, Red Bull X-Fighters could have been a great game. Sadly if you can’t get past those flaws, then you may want to go back to playing Trials. If you are a huge motocross fan and can deal with the rough patches, then you will have a good time with this one.

Final Score: 7/10

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Red Bull X-Fighters Launch Trailer

Red Bull X-Fighters Launch Trailer

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 14 Sep 2011 |
Get on your bike and hit some ramps.