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Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Review

Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress

Release Date: October 1st, 2011
Genre(s): Action RPG
Publisher(s): Topware
Developer(s): Reality Pump
Multiplayer: 2-8 Player
Co-op: 2-8 Player

Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Review

Posted by Scott Grant | 05 Oct 2011 |

Just keep flying.

Reality Pump’s cult hit Action RPG is getting an expansion pack and we’re ready to dive right in. Only, we can’t quite figure out how. Oh, there it is. So to start the expansion, which uses your existing character, you need to hit New Game? Ok, now that we have that straightened out let’s get to it. Pirates of the Flying Fortress is a standalone adventure in a new area with all new, fully explorable areas, but is it worth the hefty 2400 Point ($29.99) price tag?

Single Player

The confusion in how to start Pirates of the Flying Fortress isn’t the only strange thing you’ll run into right from the start of this expansion. Even though you pick PotFF from the New Game menu, it somehow grabs your player from the main campaign. You seem to have most of your gear but will have to re-distribute your skill points for some reason. Take my advice and do this now because the game never tells you that you have to.

The story starts out with your character being captured by pirates then offering to help in exchange for your freedom. I feel like I’ve heard this one before but I guess we have to start somewhere. After the opening bit you’re sent on a series of quests across five new island’s you haven’t explored yet. The great thing about this is that, unlike the areas in Two Worlds 2, you can land your boat almost anywhere along the coast and explore your way inland from just about any point on any of the islands. The boat controls have also been simplified and Reality Pump have added a ‘move to open water’ feature so you no longer have to fight your boat off the shore.

Take a good hard look.


The exploration and boat controls are about the only redeeming qualities of PotFF. The missions are all multiple-stage fetch quests, which grow tiresome quickly. Every NPC you talk to is overly sarcastic and not as funny as they think they are. Humor has a place in games like this but when everyone, and I mean everyone, is being so obviously sarcastic it gets extremely annoying. Since the story isn’t interesting and you won’t care about the characters the only thing left is the combat and looting. PotFF doesn’t add anything in these areas but killing stuff is still fun, as it was in the main campaign. In the end, the roughly ten hour adventure won’t leave you feeling like you got your $30 worth. I’ve played a number of $10 DLC adventures that had as much or more content as this.


I debated on whether to include this section or not. This is because Topware didn’t include the multiplayer portion when you purchase this expansion on the Xbox. On the PC you get PotFF and the four new co-op maps all for $30. On the Xbox 360, however, the multiplayer and co-op maps are an additional $15. So if you want to fork over $45 in total, you will get some new co-op maps and multiplayer maps. This has to be one of the worst decisions a company has ever made where DLC is concerned, just a blatant cash grab that, I hope, doesn’t work.


Oh! A Deer!



PotFF’s achievements are mostly story based. There is one to get 100 crossbow kills though, so, yeah, there are crossbows now.

Closing Comments

Playing Pirates of the Flying Fortress is like getting back together with your ex. Sure, you may have parted on good terms but the magic just isn’t there anymore. Plus, it will just end up costing you. Two Worlds 2 is a fun game and you should play it, despite it’s flaws. It’s expansion, however is just not worth it.

Final Score: 4/10


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  • Clams

    Wholeheartedly agree unfortunately. I LOVED Two Worlds 2, thought they nailed just about everything a good RPG should be, it was in my list for my personal GOTY. Then I buy this with high hopes and I’m severely disappointed. I was a little put off right off the bat with the high price as DLC even for AAA+ titles seems to top out at 15 bucks but I went on faith from the enjoyment I had playing the game at release and bought it. Sadly, I wish I hadn’t. 800 points, 10 bucks, maybe. 30? Completely unjustifiably even to a huge fan of the original.

    • http://thecontrolleronline.com adam

      that price is ridiculous, even if it was great i wouldn`t get it out of pure principle.


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Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress New Screenshots

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I’m on a boat.
Two Worlds Pirates of the Flying Fortress

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The best RPG you didn’t play is getting an expansion.




Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress New Trailer

Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress New Trailer

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Where the $%^& is my treasure?