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Best Graphics of 2011

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 15 Dec 2011 |

Come look at this!

With the way that visual technology has advanced, even from the launch of Next-Gen consoles to present day, it’s easy to overlook the part they play in a great game. A well crafted world can suck you in and make you feel like you’re there.

Lots of games look great these days but there were a few this year that were way ahead of the rest. One of these blew us away completely. Which game do you think it was?


Publisher/Developer: Bethesda Softworks / iD Software
Release Date: October 4th
Our Review: 9.5/10

If you want the technical ins and outs of the iD Tech 5 engine, used in Rage, look it up because there’s all sorts of nonsense and numbers involved. I’ll throw one at you, this engine is capable of textures up to 128,000 x 128,000 pixels. Ridiculous. Now that we have that out of the way, the tech means nothing without the visual style to go on top of it. Rage is one of the best looking games, ever, period. The wizards at iD software have managed to make a post-apocalyptic wasteland into one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen. The level of detail is stunning and the variety of set pieces makes you feel like nothing is ever repeated.

Screenshots can't do it justice.


Rendering each pixel seperately certainly has its advantages. You’ll be amazed that this game even runs on your Xbox 360, but it does. Well done iD.


Battlefield 3 – We can’t say it enough, this game looks fantastic. Dice really push the boundaries of what can run on a console and run smoothly. The smoke effects are the star of this show. Smoke looks real and dissipates in a gradual and realistic manner. Explosions never looked so good!

Other Nominees

Batman Arkham City
Crysis 2

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  • Zauxst

    Still it is one of the most buggyest engines ever created by man… 
    Personally I finished the game with the visual bug that made textures pop-out and lots of crazy things like this.

  • http://www.thecontrolleronline.com Adam

    I would have went with Battlefield 3 but thats only because i still haven`t played Rage, way too many good games came out at once this year!!!