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Game of the Year 2011

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 19 Dec 2011 |

I’ll give you one guess.

2011 was an absolutely huge year for video games with multiple releases by the big players and almost all of the big franchises releasing new games. The fans were the real winners this year. It doesn’t matter if you play Shooters, RPGs, Action or anything in between, whatever you’re genre of choice was you had a number of awesome choices.

A lot of factors go into choosing the game of the year, but the main purpose of this award is to find the one game that stood above all others and will stand up as an accomplishment for years to come. We feel that one game did that this year, and I bet you can guess which one.


Publisher/Devloper: Bethesda Softworks / Bethesda Game Studios
Release Date: November 11th
Our Review: 9.5/10

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a grand achievement in size and scope. Bethesda drops you into one of the biggest game worlds out there and asks you to go nuts. This huge world is filled with hundreds of locations, side quests, non-player characters, items, monsters, caves and ruins. The depth of this world is stunning and makes the actual story of the game secondary to its brilliance.

The re-vamped levelling, crafting and magic systems make this one of the most addictive RPGs you’ll ever play. Skyrim is the first game that boasts hundreds of hours of gameplay and can back that up. In my initial playthrough, I completed a handful of side and faction quests then focused on the main story and was at almost 70 hours of game time upon finishing. Skyrim has to be seen to be believed and is well deserving of our Game of the Year.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – One of the series best games, if not the best, is Modern Warfare 3. With a fantastic and wild single player campaign, a ton of co-op and survival missions and the deepest multiplayer offering yet this game is the full package. The addition of strike packages to the online experience gives players new ways to play online and the depth of gun and loadout customization is spectacular. Don’t believe the Metacritic user scores (or even the user votes on our page) this game is one of the year’s best.


Batman Arkham City – Rocksteady went big with Arkham City, and we ended up getting a great sequel to the best superhero game out there, with a great cast of characters, a much larger world to explore, more side missions, more gadgets, tougher Riddler puzzles to solve, and a great story to top it off. Whether you like superhero games or not, Batman Arkham City is just a great Action/Adventure game, and will entertain you the entire way.


Dungeon Defenders – Last, but certainly not least, Dungeon Defenders rounds out our game of the year category. Some of you may think this one is a bit out there for Game of the Year, but once you play it you begin to realize this is more than just a cartoonish tower defense game, it’s a full-fledged RPG mixed with a well thought out strategy/tower defense system. It’s already won our Best Downloadable and Best Co-op game of the year awards, and deserves to be recognized as one of the best games of the year. It’s the best way you’ll spend $15 all year.

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    No brainer, amazing game!!