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Spec Ops: The Line Review

Spec Ops: The Line

Release Date: June 26th, 2012
Genre(s): Third Person Shooter
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Yager
Multiplayer: 2-8 Player Online
Co-op: 2 Player Online

New Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 22 Dec 2011 |

Sandcastles in the sand.

2K Games have been teasing us about Spec Ops: The Line for quite a while now, and finally we get some good gameplay footage.

So far I’m liking what I see here. It’s played as a 3rd person, cover based shooter, similar to Rainbow Six Vegas, which were great. The big difference between Spec Ops: The Line and all other shooters may be something so simple, yet so very unique; sand. The game is set in Dubai after a major sandstorm has devastated the city, and you are tasked to rescue some survivors, while finding out they don’t want to be rescued, and they don’t want you invading their new home either.

In the trailer we get to see how sand will play a pivotal role, for and against you. For example, early on we see what looks like an old bus, half buried in the sand, with some enemies in front of it, and when they shoot out the glass, all the sand comes crashing down, burying them. So it can be used to your advantage in some situations, but it will also work against you at times, such as when a sand storm rages in, it will impair your visibility, making it harder to see the targets.

It’s all very cool to look at, so far, and we are excited to see more and hopefully it turns out to be as fun as it looks. Check out the trailer below.

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