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Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3

Release Date: October 25th, 2011
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): EA
Developer(s): Dice
Multiplayer: 2-24 Player Online
Co-op: 2 Player Online

Battlefield 3 Expansion Packs Announced

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 07 Mar 2012 |

Three new expansions coming this year.

EA and DICE announced today that they will be releasing three new expansion packs for Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Close Quarters will be released in June, Armored Kill in the Fall and then End Game will be released late winter.

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Expansion pack

  • Close Quarters – will feature smaller, infantry-only maps, designed for even more destruction and mayhem in tight, action-packed areas.

  • Armored Kill – will feature larger, vehicle-based maps that include jets, tanks, ATV’s, mobile artillery and more. Armored Kill will also include the biggest map they have ever released, although they didn’t go into any further details.

  • End Game– they only released the name of the expansion with no additional details. Once we know more we’ll let you know.


Each new expansion pack will feature new weapons, assignments and dog tags that you can bring back to the base game as well. No price has been confirmed for any of the expansion packs yet, and they said that they will release the first trailer for Close Quarters next week, so stay tuned for that.

What do you think of what we know so far?

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  • Cliffy1978

    What is going to be the cost of the expansion packs on PS3

    • http://www.thecontrolleronline.com/ Peter Carpenter

      They have yet to confirm the pricing on any platform.

    • BrokenGuest

       most likely $10~15 USD ea.