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Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3

Release Date: December 4th, 2012
Genre(s): Open World, First-Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
Multiplayer: 2-14 Player Online
Co-op: 2 Player Offline, 2-4 Player Online

Far Cry 3 Pre-Order Bonus Items Revealed

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 21 Mar 2012 |

Plus another crazy trailer has been released.

Ubisoft are setting some really high expectations when it comes to Far Cry 3, with all of the terrific trailers they have released. The latest trailer, released today, not only confirmed some of the pre-order items for the game, but set my expectations even higher.

We get to see more of the great new engine the game runs on, we get to see that there will be Jet Ski’s and Hang Gliding and that there is more than just human enemies to watch for. The game is set on a mysterious island that you happen to become trapped on, so it’s surrounded by water that lives and breathes real marine life such as sharks just waiting for you to go for a swim. I can’t wait to punch a shark in the face.

The end of the trailer reveals certain pre-order bonus items which are exclusive to Best Buy from what we can tell so far. Check below to see what bonus items each store are offering.

Best Buy

Far Cry 3, The Lost Expeditions Exclusive Bonus Mission

Discover the secrets of the island’s lost World War II ruins in two exclusive single-player bonus missions and blast away your opponents in multiplayer with the unlocked Type 10 flare gun.

Single Player Mission 1: Forgotten Experiment
Trapped inside a forgotten research facility, your only way out is through the crumbling ruins. To escape, you’ll have to activate the old experiments and unleash an electronic storm that could be the end of you.

Single Player Mission 2: Ignition in the Deep
Inside an abandoned military silo, the only thing standing between you and freedom are Vaas’ pirates and a forgotten missile leaking a lake of fuel. One stray bullet and the entire complex goes up in flames. You’ll need to rely on your wits and stealth to make it out alive.

Multiplayer: Type 10 Flare Gun
Unlock the power of a gun that’s modified to shoot 10-gauge shells.



Pre-ordering at GameStop will get you access to the Monkey Business Pack, which they don’t offer a ton of details on but it does include:

  • Four single player missions as Hurk and his bomb-carrying monkey.
  • Two new ways to humilate your enemies in multiplayer.



    Pre-ordering at Amazon.com won’t get you items quite as good as GameStop or Best Buy but they are offering the Warrior Pack which includes:

  • An exclusive Dagger and Tattoo for use in multiplayer.
  • Unlock the ability to use a Tattoo editor for customizing your character in multiplayer.


    I always prefer to get in-game content when I pre-order and with Far Cry 3 there are lots of great incentives to pick from. I was going to buy the game anyway, so I might as well get some free stuff out of it.

    Now that you know what pre-order items are available, sit back and check out the trailer below.

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