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I Am Alive Review

I Am Alive

Release Date: March 7th, 2012
Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft Shanghai
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

I Am Alive Victim Location Guide

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 14 Mar 2012 |

Need some help finding all the victims?

While wandering the city of Haventon in I Am Alive, you will come across 20 different survivors who are either injured or dying that need your help. They will either want some sort of item such as pain killers, bottled water, first-aid kit or maybe just one more cigarette before they die.

I Am Alive Victim Locations Guide.

Most of them are easy to find, and you’ll stumble across them without even trying, but some of them are tucked away just far enough that it takes a bit of searching to locate them. By assisting all 20 of them, you’ll net yourself 100 Gamerscore from four different achievements. Since the game only has 200 Gamerscore in total, this is how you will spend most of your achievement hunting time.

Hopefully this guide helps. See the victim locations and items needed below.

Victim #1 – The first victim is actually part of the opening tutorial, so you can’t miss him. He’ll need a first aid kit which is just across the street on the ground.

Victim #2 – When you are in the mall with Mei, at the top of the elevator shaft on the 5th floor, you’ll find an inhaler. Climb down the elevator shaft after that and you’ll find the old man who needs it.

Victim #3 – While climbing the tower to retrieve the medicine from the crate that is stuck, you’ll find a man who needs a first aid kit inside the building, just after you swing across using the hook.

Victim #4 – After you give Mei the medicine and you are leaving through the basement of the mall, you will come across a two men arguing and a woman asking for help. Kill the aggressive man to save the others. No items are needed.

Victim #5 – The first time you enter the subway tracks, head to the far end of the tracks where it becomes a dead-end. In the room there, kill the two cannibals and unlock the prisoners to rescue them.

Victim #6 – Down in the sewers, still with Mei on your back, you’ll find a woman on the other side of the bars who needs 2 cans of food.

Victim #7 – Down the street from Henry’s place you can climb across a building to reach the next victim, who you can see wandering around outside of the building from the street. Once you get across he will want five items (Meat, Inhaler, Food can, Fruit Cocktail, Soda). It’s worth it though as he gives you a shotgun in return.

Victim #8 – Head south from Henry’s place and stick to the right. You will find a wooden ramp with a ladder, and a victim who needs a cigarette at the top.

Victim #9 – After giving the man a cigarette, keep heading straight, back towards the subway tracks, and you’ll find a woman who says she is trapped, but once you get too close a few thugs will pop out and try to kill you. Once you kill them, shoot her hand-cuffs off and you’re done.

Victim #10 – After you remove the handcuffs from the girl, turn around and drop down to the street level and head to your left, and you will find a ladder leading up the building. Up here you will find a lady in need of a tomato. If you haven’t found one yet, you will find a tomato after saving victim #19 and you can come back to this victim later.

Victim #11 – On your way to the ship, after you head down to the rubble, head to the far end of that road and you’ll find a victim trapped who needs your help to get out.

Victim #12 – On the ship, you will find stairs leading under the ship deck. Down there you will find a victim about to be killed. Kill his attacker and then give him some pain killers.

Victim #13 – On the ship, head to the end on the right, and you’ll hear a man asking for help. You have to climb over the edge of the ship at the “Quarantine – Keep Out” sign and come back up behind it. Enter the room and give him hydration salts.

Victim #14 – After you leave the ship, on your way back to Henry’s with the transmitter, you’ll find an elderly couple on the roof who want a bottle of wine.

Victim #15 – When you enter the hotel, the first room you can enter on the 1st floor should have two women in need of a first aid kit.

Victim #16 – On the 4th floor of the hotel, keep to your left and you should find a room where you can see into the room next to you and a man is about to rape a woman. Kill him with your Bow so you don’t attract any attention.

Victim #17 – When you reach the basement of the Hotel with Mei’s mother, go left after entering the parking garage and you’ll find a closed-door and a woman coughing behind it. Shoot your bow at it and wait a minute until they open the door. Once they open it, shoot the thug and then shoot the woman’s handcuffs off.

Victim #18 – Before you walk across the board to get to the building to set the fireworks off, climb down the giant hole and follow the pipe to give the man a first-aid kit.

Victim #19 – Inside the tower where you set the fireworks off and fix the elevator, right outside of the elevator, take a right past the bathroom and you’ll find a woman lying on a bed in need of hydration salts. You will also find the tomato needed for victim #10.

Victim #20 – Once you enter the amusement park, head straight and you’ll see a man lying on the ground behind the fence. Climb over and give him the first aid kit that’s right behind him. Now you’re all done and should have all the achievements.

If you are having problems finding any victims by my explanations, then these videos by TheFettman13 below should help.

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  • chiefblaze1

    i take it the handcuffed woman is more an lure than a victim…since i’ve fell for it >.>

    but is it worth the effort?

  • Dastan1996

    You don’t need to kill the n.4 guy, just point your pistol at him and save the bullet ;D

  • braindrain

    great guide very useful to a certain extent! but a little more detail and you being able to tell your left from right would make it infinitely better e.g the woman being raped that you shoot with the bow is found if you keep to the right on the 4th floor (if you keep left you find a dead end then miss the woman entirely) and the door in the parking garage is to the right as well the left is blocked by cars a few feet from the door you enter through

  • m2b999

    If I missed some of the “locked out” victims during the gameplay, can I replay that specific episode and still get the achievement?

  • http://www.facebook.com/SebastianXuality OhboyisMark Misery

    great guide thanks ^^ tho i missed the 3rd victim :/ guess i cant get that one