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Silent Hill Downpour Review

Silent Hill Downpour

Release Date: March 13th, 2012
Genre(s): Survival Horror
Publisher(s): Konami
Developer(s): Vatra
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Silent Hill Downpour Puzzle Guide Part Four

Posted by Scott Grant | 19 Mar 2012 |

Murphy’s Law.

Our Silent Hill Puzzle Guide series marches on with installment number four. As always, if you’ve missed the other three you can find them here; Part One, Part Two, Part Three, or from the Guides tab above.

X-Ray Puzzle:

In the Monastery Hospice you’ll have to X-Ray a number of Screamer bodies to find a key and the third section of the rhyme. Choose the middle body, push it into the X-Ray machine and run the scanner. Once you see the key show up, check the body twice to initiate a mini-game where you dig around inside the body. Move the left stick to the right and up slightly until your controller starts vibrating steadily. Press A to grab the key.



Monastery Otherworld Bells Puzzle:

When you visit the Otherworld while in the Monastery there will be a puzzle where you need to ring bells in a certain order to open a door. The sequence can be obtained by lowering the chandelier, adding the blue candles, lighting them, then raising the chandelier.

Silent Hill Downpour Bells Puzzle

Hell's Bells.


Each bell will have one of these symbols painted on it. Simply ring the bells in this order, see the video below:



Pleasant River Safe Puzzle:

On your left, after passing under the bridge or climbing down, after exiting the Monastery you will come across a two-story house you can enter. There is another safe with five dials. The code can be obtained by finding the Urn in this house then taking it to the pier out back. Scatter the ashes by one of the benches on the wide pier and the code, 16814, will appear on the bench.

Silent Hill Downpour Pleasant River Safe Puzzle

Let's show our love by writing a random number on this bench.


Some of the safe dials will move others, as in the first safe puzzle, so it may take you some time to figure out how to enter the combination. The starting point of each dial will also changed based on the puzzle difficulty you’ve chosen.

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