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Slow News Day: The FBI Makes Video Games, BioWare Gets Fat and More PS4 Rumors

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 28 Mar 2012 |

Rumors, Cupcakes and National Security.

In this edition of Slow News Day we look at the FBI making video games, fans sending cupcakes to BioWare in their fight against the games ending, more rumors emerge on the next PlayStation, and the ESRB censors the Risen 2: Dark Waters box art for showing some “blood”.

The Unreal Government Network

In a story that ran on the BBC News today, the FBI and other US Agencies have licensed Epic Games Unreal Engine to create new video games and applications that will work as training simulators for their agents. Some examples of how they will use this are to create multiplayer crime scenes to investigate and an anaesthesiology application to train US Army Medics.

I guess the CSI games aren’t good enough for anyone after all.

Don't make me take off my glasses and look sternly at you.


Deep Silver Can’t Catch a Break

First they made them remove the hanging body on the cover of Dead Island and now the ESRB is forcing Deep Silver to change the color of a stain on the cover of Risen 2: Dark Waters. The color change is being made to the red stain on the cover that apparently, to the ESRB, closely resembled blood, even though it looks more like paint than blood to me. I guess anything red is now automatically associated with blood. Sorry Santa, Elmo and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Skulls with bullet holes in them are ok for kids though.


Change The Ending Or We’ll send You Snacks

By now we’ve all heard about how some gamers are upset over the ending of Mass Effect 3 and while I’m not going to rehash all the details over their outrage, but the story of some gamers sending the BioWare staff cupcakes caught my attention. According to Game Informer who posted the original story, some fans have banded together and ordered over 400 cupcakes to be sent to BioWare. They wanted to do something nice for them, instead of just slamming them on the internet like the rest of the angry ones decided to do. Is sending them that many cupcakes, which will probably put them in a sugar-coma, the best way to get things done? If I was BioWare I would stall this as long as I can and hopefully the next delivery is 400 glasses of milk to wash it down.

You ate all the cupcakes! It's go time.


The Next Playstation Hates Your Old Games

A source close to Kotaku has allegedly revealed more details on the next Playstation console. The source claims the new Playstation, codenamed Orbis, as if that matters, will be released in time for the 2013 holidays and will feature built-in anti-used game support, and will not support backwards compatibility for any PS3 games that you already bought. It’s all fairly similar to the rumors that have been going around about the next Xbox, and I’m not believing any of them until either Sony or Microsoft officially confirms it, but there it is if you’re into getting caught up in rumors.

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