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Square Enix Tease a new title for Summer 2012

Posted by Scott Grant | 23 Mar 2012 |

It’s called “C”, I guess.

Square-Enix are teasing a new game for Summer 2012. We only have a few hints, but the first one we have is that “C is coming”. There are a lot of possibilities for speculation here, the first one being that “C” could mean a new Chrono Trigger, or a new Crystal Chronicles.

Some of the images could represent the summons from Final Fantasy games like Odin, Titan and Diablos. I could go on and on, but you should watch the video below and let us know what you think they’re teasing. Oh ya, it’s almost all in Japanese, you’re welcome:

UPDATE: Square Enix have since confirmed the game they were teasing. Click here to find out what game was revealed.



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  • Rosie

    A crystal appears and you think of Chrono Trigger???? You obviously don’t know shit about the Chrono titles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.perdue1 Eric Perdue

    I would have to go with it not being a Chrono Trigger game. For one, the crystal theme was never part of the Chrono series. Also, it doesn’t look like anything associated with that series. I would love to have another Chrono game, but looks like it’ll still be a while.

  • Elranzer

    The trailer features a crystal, and even says the word “Crystal.” But I was under the impression they’ve given up on the Crystal Chronicle series. Not to mention that Crystal Chronicles in particular is co-owned between Square Enix and Nintendo and could only appear on a Nintendo system.

    Then again, it was leaked that there’s some sort of Crystal Chronicle game coming out for Wii-U at launch, so this could be it.

  • Adam

    Crystal Chronicles looks more likely from the vid, but man, i`d be the happiest gamer in the world if it was a new Chrono Trigger.