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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Release Date: October 23rd, 2012
Genre(s): First-Person Shooter
Publisher(s): EA
Developer(s): Danger Close
Multiplayer: 2-20 Player Online
Co-op: None

New Trailer For Medal of Honor Warfighter Drops

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 12 Apr 2012 |

The extended cut.

Danger Close have released a new trailer for Medal of Honor Warfighter today, and while it is exciting and action-packed, it’s mostly just an extended cut of the trailer they released a few weeks back, but with more actual gameplay footage shown.

I was always more of a fan of the Medal of Honor series back in the day, and I did enjoy the 2010 reboot, so I’m excited to see more of Warfighter to see what they are going to do to separate themselves from Call of Duty and even EA’s own Battlefield 3. The story is obviously different, and the fact that it follows real-world Tier 1 Operators and the events they have experienced is great, and hopefully Danger Close have more unique features up their sleeve for the multiplayer, which is really what will either win or lose this battle for them.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Medal of Honor Warfighter below.

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