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Starhawk Review


Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Genre(s): Third-Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): LightBox Interactive
Multiplayer: 32 Player Online
Co-op: 1-2 Player Offline, 1-4 Player Online

Starhawk Is More Than Just An Online Shooter

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 25 Apr 2012 |

“It all started with a spark.”

When I first heard about the PS3 exclusive, Starhawk, the upcoming Third-Person Shooter from LightBox Studios and Santa Monica, I figured it would be another online shooter, due to the fact that it is the “spiritual successor” to the online only PS3 game, Warhawk. Over the last few months we’ve come to learn that while it does feature some exciting online multiplayer modes, it also has a full single player campaign as well, something Warhawk did not.

The story in Starhawk takes place many years in the future, in a new Frontier of space where Humans wage wars over a new source of energy called Rift Energy. In Starhawk you play as Emmett Graves, a Rift salvager and gun for hire who has been hired to take on a group of humans, The Outcast, that have mutated due to over exposure of Rift Energy, and now want to protect it for their own. You as well have mutated due to exposure to the Rift Energy but in your case it only makes you stronger and faster, while still keeping your mind human. As your home town of White Sands becomes threatened by the Outcast, the Mayor hires you to track them down and take out this new threat before more innocent lives are lost over the Rift Energy.

As I mentioned Starhawk also features 32 player online multiplayer modes, and an online and offline cooperative survival mode in addition to the single player campaign. The online multiplayer features a very cool Build and Battle system, which lets you call in reinforcements such as vehicles, weapons and equipment and even fortifications, to help change the tide of the match. There aren’t that many upcoming PS3 exclusives in the next few months, and Starhawk should give PS3 gamers something to be excited for. It’s definitely on my most anticipated games of the spring and summer list.

You can read about the Starhawk pre-order bonus items here, and check out the latest trailer which focuses on the story in the game, below.

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