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Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Genre(s): Third-Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): LightBox Interactive
Multiplayer: 32 Player Online
Co-op: 1-2 Player Offline, 1-4 Player Online

All Starhawk Map Packs Will Be Free

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 08 May 2012 |

That’s how you do map packs.

It’s only been a few hours since Starhawk was released for the PS3 and now LightBox Interactive have announced that all future multiplayer map packs will be free for everyone.

Starhawk Maps will be free.

Via a posting on the official Playstation Blog, Lightbox Interactive’s President, Dylan Jobe, made the announcement.

“We really didn’t like how in Warhawk when we released a new map pack, it forced these divisions on our players. And after we released three expansions, our player community was pretty fractured. With Starhawk that ends! We are incredibly excited to announce that all map packs for Starhawk will be free.

Yeah, you read that right…FREE. Whenever we release a map pack you won’t have to pay a friggin’ dime! And we’ve already started the early stages of our next map pack for you guys.”


Though no other details were revealed as far as how many map packs would be released, they did reveal some concept art for the first new planet called Cypress. This doesn’t mean that all of the Starhawk DLC will be free, only the map packs, as they have other paid DLC in the works, but did not elaborate on it yet. Either way, this is a huge move by the developer and if only more would get behind it, the world would be a better place.

Jobe also announced that Lightbox had teamed up with Major League Gaming to run a Starhawk competition with over $20,000 in prizes. You can read more about it here.

Watch for our Starhawk review soon.

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