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Game of Thrones Review

Game of Thrones

Release Date: May 15th, 2012
Genre(s): RPG
Publisher(s): Atlus
Developer(s): Cyanide
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Game of Thrones Review

Posted by Scott Grant | 25 May 2012 |

We aren’t the watchers on the walls.

Game of Thrones ReviewAs a pretty big fan of the Song of Ice and Fire series, in both its written and small screen format, I was looking forward to a game that delves into a previously untold part of the story. Game of Thrones, the game, could have been the perfect companion piece for those fans of the series who also enjoy video games. Instead, we’re presented with a product that holds the same level of quality we’ve come to expect with kids movie tie-in games.

Single Player

Game of Thrones is an RPG that follows the two separate, but intertwining, stories of Mors, a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, and Alester Sarwyck, a Red Priest and estranged heir to the holding of Riverspring. Both of these stories will tell of events that aren’t covered in either the books or the TV series but everything will tie in with what is happening in the main series. The story is well written and could be of interest to fans if only it weren’t told in such an off-putting manner.

Game of Thrones

Once you take the black, you never....


With the exception of a few characters the voice acting in Game of Thrones is simply bad. It quickly becomes obvious that nobody budgeted for the amount of voice actors that would be needed to fill all of the roles in this game. Often you’ll have to listen to long conversations between two of these characters and you’ll probably find yourself reading the text quickly and skipping through the audio. Sadly, this tactic isn’t allowed, for whatever reason, in every scenes so you’ll be forced to suffer through a few of them.

When you’re not listening to long, poorly acted, conversations you’ll be given a few large paragraphs of text to read. That’s right, in 2012 a game is stopping the action to make you read some lengthy background on the upcoming scene. Since this game isn’t very much fun, I was hoping to be able to at least recommend it to fans for the story but I can’t even do that.

Combat in Game of Thrones is uninspired and boring. The system works sort of like the older Bioware RPGs where you queue up commands and then watch your character act them out but characters plod along at a rate that will have you looking for something else to do while you’re playing this game. The action can be paused to queue up special abilities, but these menus are cumbersome and slow to switch from one character to another. What it most often boils down to is your character and an enemy standing in front of each other seeing who can take the most blows. There is no strategy involved, just hope you have more potions than your opponent has health.

Game of Thrones

Let me just take care of these guys. I guess.


The character development menus lag even worse than the battle abilities menu so adding points to your character after levelling up, or equipping new gear is a painful experience. I simply couldn’t find anything fun or enjoyable about this game.


There are no multiplayer modes in Game of Thrones.

Closing Comments

For a series that is seeing the level of success that it currently is, Game of Thrones should have been made by a studio that cared. Cyanide were given a great story and setting, not to mention large fan base, to work with and completely squandered it all. While no element of the game is broken in any horrible manner, none were built with any care either.

Score: 5/10

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  • Fishes007

    At the moment Im playing Alester and was thrown in jail. Not knowing that would happen I had no health potions and in this game you cannot seem to just pick one up along the way.  Escaping the jail I have to fight enemies along the way without health potions I keep getting killed and cannot get further in the game. I cannot run away as the mouse lag is really bad. The fighting system is really bad that you basically have to stand there and hope for the best and with no health potions well forget it. I dont mind the voice acting or the graphics.


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