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Prototype 2 Review

Prototype 2

Release Date: April 24th, 2012
Genre(s): Open World, Action
Publisher(s): Activision
Developer(s): Radical Entertainment
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Prototype 2 Black Box Location Guide

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 04 May 2012 |

Find all of the Black Boxes.

Our last, and biggest, guide for Prototype 2 is for the locations of all 45 Black Boxes around the city.

Using the coordinates below on the game map, you can find the location of each Black Box. Just like with the other collectibles, once you get close enough to the Black Box location the game will prompt that you are near one of them. For the Black Boxes it will also pop-up a handy distance meter that increases and decreases as you move towards or away from the Black Box. Once you find the Black Box, press Y to retrieve it and hear the recording.

Not only is there the “Follow Your Nose” achievement/trophy for finding all of them, but as you collect each set you will earn new mutations, so it’s worth the effort to find them all.

Yellow Zone

Oakhurst Fairview Linden Park
Coordinates 464-1145

Coordinates 312-1191

Coordinates 224-1274

Coordinates 234-1346

Coordinates 122-1229

Coordinates 145-1110

Coordinates 188-1041

Coordinates 352-998

Coordinates 352-1054

Coordinates 74-1460

Coordinates 158-1464

Coordinates 490-1399

Coordinates 420-1286


Green Zone

Fulton Lincoln Meadows Salt Yard Plains
Coordinates 652-1358

Coordinates 725-1261

Coordinates 666-1220

Coordinates 739-1142

Coordinates 760-1417

Coordinates 876-1156

Coordinates 845-1203

Coordinates 870-1326

Coordinates 966-1414

Coordinates 910-1464

Coordinates 690-1572

Coordinates 695-1495

Coordinates 750-1541

Coordinates 672-1639


Red Zone

Times Square Midtown Chinatown
Coordinates 719-67

Coordinates 679-103

Coordinates 628-130

Coordinates 557-123

Coordinates 534-84

Coordinates 469-93

Coordinates 417-91

Coordinates 448-197

Coordinates 601-230

Coordinates 748-216

Coordinates 687-325

Coordinates 563-268

Coordinates 456-328

Coordinates 417-437

Coordinates 457-536

Coordinates 634-510

Coordinates 724-460

Coordinates 730-534


Don’t forget to check out our other guides on the Infected Lairs and Field Ops Teams locations as well.

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  • Bashir

    I like sex

  • EriksenDrul

    Gave me a good edge in the game before i was to far into it =) thank you

  • Solus

    Pretty unnecessary considering from the collectibles screen it gives you pings of where each one is. It can err by about 300 longitude/latitude but for a sandbox collectibles minigame it’s by far the easiest, I don’t know why it needs to be made any easier. Nice to have but barely worth minimizing for.

  • Lkjatabe

    Great work and thank you for it.

  • Heythere

    Close at it right now and Salt Yard Plains should be 695 1495

  • xiSreficuL

    I thought I’d correct you: Green Zone in the Salt Yard Plains should read “695-1495″, rather than “695-1595″