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Five Franchises That Need A Cooperative Campaign -

Five Franchises That Need A Cooperative Campaign

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 13 Jun 2012 |

Playing with friends would make them even better.

Following EA and Visceral Games announcement that Dead Space 3 would feature two player co-op through its campaign, we started to think about other great franchises that we would love to be able to play cooperatively.

We’ve already seen some of the games that could have been on this list add co-op to their roster such as Ors Must Die 2, Torchlight 2 and Far Cry 3, but there are still plenty of other games that we want to play cooperatively, and in some cases, we just want the co-op that was there before brought back. Here are the top five franchises that we want to play cooperatively.

Batman Arkham

With the release of Batman Arkham City, Rocksteady opened up their game to new depths with a much larger game world, and the inclusion of many new characters, including Robin. That seemed like it would have been a perfect opportunity to add two player co-op to the game, because, come on, it’s Batman and Robin. Since that didn’t happen, we are hoping that the next game in the series will include some form of co-op with the dynamic duo, even if it is a secondary campaign. They are one of the most iconic teams in all forms of media and it’s a real shame that Rocksteady haven’t utilized that to allow players to play together. We hope they feel the same way and include co-op in the next game in the series.

I could really use a friend right now. Too bad Robin isn't allowed to play with me.


Call of Duty

Call of Duty is the first game on our list that has featured a cooperative campaign in the past, only to take it away in the next game in the series. Sure they still have co-op in Nazi Zombies and Spec-Ops, but we want the cooperative campaign back. World at War was the last game in the series to feature online co-op throughout the campaign and we loved it, but then Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 were stripped of the option to play it with friends. Not cool Activision. Don’t give us something we love, only to then take it back in the next game. We already know that Blacks Ops 2 isn’t going to feature it, so we are once again left waiting for someone at Activision to realize this and make things right.

Get out of here! You're not allowed to help me anymore.


Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest franchises out there to not include co-op. Ok, so they had some “cooperative” missions in the GTA 4 multiplayer, but it wasn’t nearly enough. We think playing with friends during the campaign of such a big open world game would be fantastic and games like Crackdown and Saints Row have proved we were right. It’s time for Rockstar to take the next step with a true cooperative campaign and Grand Theft Auto 5 is the perfect time to do it. They have already dipped their toes in the co-op pool with GTA 4, and will again with the upcoming co-op modes in Max Payne 3, but we think it’s time for them to dive right in and go full-fledged co-op.

It's really too bad that your friends have never been real.


The Elder Scrolls/Fallout

Honestly, it doesn’t matter to us which series Bethesda decides to add co-op to, either will do just fine. In the world of RPG’s, more developers need to step up and say “our game would be great if it had co-op”, and we think Bethesda have the tools and talent to do it. Their games are fantastic, but we think they are missing out on excluding co-op. Imagine roaming the wasteland or fighting dragons with a few friends by your side. Some of the best co-op games are the ones that have RPG Elements. Growing your characters and embarking on their epic adventures together have been some of the best co-op experiences we’ve ever had, but there’s just not enough of them out there. The fact that they are making The Elders Scrolls Online MMO does give us a small ray of hope that we may see start to see more co-op in their games. It’s the next logical step for Bethesda in our opinion and we would love to see either franchise take the leap into the world of co-op.

It gets so lonely out here in these massive worlds.


Transformers: Cyberton

When High Moon Studios released Transformers: War for Cybertron back in 2010 and we learned that it supported three player online co-op in the campaign, we jumped at the chance to play as some of our favorite childhood heroes together and it was a blast. Fast forward to 2012 and High Moon announce that the sequel, Fall of Cybertron, will not support co-op in the campaign. Whatever their reasons, we are very disappointed, and even if the game still ends up being great, which we hope it will, it won’t be the same without co-op. It’s another example of a great series that had co-op, only to take it away from its fans, and it just doesn’t sit well with us. Hopefully there is a third game in the series and it brings the co-op back.

You guys stay here. It will be more fun to play without you. Right?


Don’t agree with some (or all) of our choices? What franchises would you like to see add a cooperative campaign in their next game? Let us know in the comments below.


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