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Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes Review

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes

Release Date: June 19th, 2012
Genre(s): Action
Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer(s): Traveller's Tales
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: 2 Player Local

Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes Review

Posted by Scott Grant | 20 Jun 2012 |

Holy outfits and nubs Batman!

Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes ReviewThe Lego game series is nothing, if not prolific but how do you keep things fresh after giving a number of different franchises the Lego treatment? You go open world, that’s how. Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes is the biggest Lego game yet and not just in terms of world size, but in overall content as well. But is bigger better or is this just another Lego game? Let’s take a look.

Single Player

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes will feel quite familiar to those who have played any of the other Lego games as you’ll still be fighting Lego versions of the series’ favorite villains, rebuilding structures to suit your needs and collecting a ton of items. What may surprise you is that you’ll be solving more puzzles than you may be used to. I thought a Batman themed Lego game would be heavy on the action but that isn’t necessarily the case.

You’ll start the game with Batman and Robin and you’ll be switching between both members of the dynamic duo frequently. Both Bats and the Boy Wonder will also be involved in a number of costume changes as the focus of many of the game’s puzzles has to do with the different abilities that each new suit affords each character. For example, Batman can hold an electric charge when he dons the electricity suit or avoid security cameras in the sensor suit. Robin can reach higher platforms using the acrobat suit and navigate dangerous areas in the hazard suit.

Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes

Hey Batman, don't you think it's time we went clothes shopping?


Where the changing suits bring variety to Lego Batman 2, they also make the puzzles quite easy. I know this is a game marketed toward a younger crowd, but when there is only one suit you can change into, and it’s the sensor suit, and there’s security cameras blocking a door, it isn’t hard to figure out what to do. The real challenge in each level lies in returning during free play mode to try to get every collectible, but the simple puzzles sometimes make the story a little boring. Things get a little more complex as you progress but the answer is always right in front of you, if there is a spot to change your suit then you know you’ll have to use that suit, there’s nothing to throw you off the trail or make you doubt yourself.

Navigating each level is sometimes broken up by having to beat up a few enemies. These enemies never offer any challenge and usually only show up in threes. Bosses, on the other hand, are usually quite entertaining and involve strategic battles with some of your favorite, or least favorite, DC villains. You won’t be controlling only Batman and Robin through the whole game as, with most Lego games, one of the things you’re collecting is characters and a number of DC Heroes will make playable appearances.

Traveller’s Tales handle the open world with ease as they take the concept of the central hub, this time it’s the Bat Cave’s computer, and make it available throughout the world via remote terminals. You can check the map, jump to new levels and scan for points of interest. I can’t accurately tell you how long you’ll spend on Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes but with fifteen huge story levels and a sizeable Lego version of Gotham to explore, you could be here for quite a while.

Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes

I appreciate you driving yourself to the hospital Joker, that will certainly make things easier.



Once again, there is no online co-op available in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, but a second player can jump into the game at any time if they are in the same room. With the amount of times you’ll be switching between characters there will be plenty for your co-op partner to do.

Closing Comments

The open world design of Lego Batman 2 changes things for the Lego series in a big way, even if Traveller’s Tales don’t make any other big advances. The Lego series never disappoints but rarely shocks you from game to game and Lego Batman 2 is no different in this. However, if you’re a fan and were looking for a Lego game you could really sink your teeth into, this is it. You’ll be at this one far longer than the Joker’s average stay in Arkham Asylum.

Score: 8/10


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  • http://www.thecontrolleronline.com/ Peter Carpenter

    I just finished this game with my 5 year old and we had a blast. Definitely my favorite LEGO game yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xboxjimmy.king1 Xboxjimmy King

    no multiplayer online this game sucks i’m returning mine thanks lego


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