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Spec Ops: The Line Review

Spec Ops: The Line

Release Date: June 26th, 2012
Genre(s): Third Person Shooter
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Yager
Multiplayer: 2-8 Player Online
Co-op: 2 Player Online

Spec Ops: The Line Intel Locations Guide

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 06 Jul 2012 |

Come get intelligent.

Spec Ops: The Line has a deep, intense story and to get the most out of it you’ll have to find all of the collectible pieces of Intel scattered throughout the game’s levels. This guide will detail the location of all the intel for your collection.

Chapter 1

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 1


Konrad Confession Letter – After the cut-scene with the dead soldier in the Humvee, look to the left of the vehicle and you will see a board with a map. Grab the intel from it.

Damaged Black Box –  This one is hard to miss, during the fight on the down airliner, this will be on the left just as you enter the plane through the hole in the side.


Chapter 2 

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 2


Radioman Tape: Welcome to Dubai – Just as the level starts, before jumping down, turn to the left and you’ll see a blue umbrella, the intel is on top of a crate.

Sandstorm Cover-up – Inside the TV Station will be an area with cameras and a large desk, this intel is on the right in the form of a small, partially buried tape.


Chapter 3 

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 3


Looter Bullets – After the battle in the hotel, the enemies will drop C4 and force you to run. After this section you’ll drop down into a room, the intel is here, in front of a desk.


Chapter 4

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 4


Child’s Doll – At the start of the level, before going down the stairs, check the alcove on the right.

Castavin’s Diary – After you run into Castavin, then rappel down to the darkened room, check on the right on a desk with some other papers.


Chapter 5

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 5


Dossier on Grey Fox – After crossing the bridge on the bottom floor of the Fitness Center, head left and the intel will be sitting in the middle of the lobby floor.

Radioman Tape: Evacuation Cover-up – After ziplining into the building with the sand filled swimming pool follow the walkway and the stairs up into the building. Follow the hall to find a bedroom, the intel will be on the floor next to the bed.


Chapter 6

Interrogator Confession – On a table in the hallway with all the dead bodies.


Chapter 7

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 7


Radioman Tape: After the Storm – Hanging from a shot-up Stop Sign next to the Evacuation Point sign, after the first part of the level.

Radioman Tape: Soldier Interview – After the open area with the burning bodies this intel will be directly under the sign that says “Christienne”.


Chapter 8

There is no Intel in this chapter.


Chapter 9

Konrad Flag – At the start of the level, before rappelling down, turn around and you’ll see the flag on the wall.


Chapter 10

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 10


Radioman Tape: No Relief Aid – Near the start of the level, enter the second tent and the intel will be on a table.

Konrad’s Psych Profile – After the cut-scene with Riggs, the intel will be on the right.


Chapter 11

There is no Intel in this chapter.


Chapter 12

Radioman Tape: Konrad Interview – After the zipline there will be a staircase, on the right is the intel.

Radioman’s Press Badge – After the section with the radio tower snipers, go into the building and up the stairs. The intel will be in the small bathroom off one of the rooms here.


Chapter 13

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 13


Radioman Tape: Street Artist – After exiting the crashed airliner, look to the left, the Intel will be on the ground.

Konrad Effigy – After leaving the refugee camp you’ll see a stall with some candles, the Intel will be here.


Chapter 14

Code of Conduct – After the first fight in this chapter go up the stairs and you’ll see the Intel on a chair to the right.

Konrad’s Final Orders – After the heavy trooper kicks the door open, enter the building and go to the left.


Chapter 15

Spec Ops The Line Intel Chapter 15


Konrad Letter: Poem for Elizabeth – In Konrad’s apartment, go up the stairs to the bedroom area, this Intel will be on the desk.

Konrad’s Letter: A message to Jeremy – Go back down the stairs and find the living room area with the couches, the Intel is on the table.

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  • Foxted

    such a great game with awesome storyline
    completly thrilled me after getting it at mmoga~