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Halo 4

Release Date: November 6th, 2012
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Microsoft
Developer(s): 343 Industries
Multiplayer: 2-16 Player Online
Co-op: 2-4 Player Online and Local
5 Reasons Why Halo 4 Has The Best Multiplayer in The Series -

5 Reasons Why Halo 4 Has The Best Multiplayer in The Series

Posted by Scott Grant | 16 Nov 2012 |


We’ve always been pretty honest about the fact that all of us, at The Controller Online, are huge fans of the Halo series. Because of that, we’re often its harshest critics and we feel that it’s time to make the call: Halo 4 has the best multiplayer suite out of all the games in the series. Here are five reasons why.

Halo 4 Multiplayer


1. Instant Re-Spawns

In past Halo games, when you were killed, you had to wait five, or sometimes, ten seconds to respawn (depending upon how many betrayals you racked up). In Halo 4, you simply hit X and you’re back in the game (most of the time). Being able to get right back in the game serves to speed up the action, and make the battles all the more chaotic.

2. Sprinting

Combined with the quick re-spawns, sprinting helps each Spartan get back to the center of the action, once they get back in the game. Giving everyone the ability to sprint also frees each player up to take a new armor ability, like a Jet Pack, instead of filling that slot with the Sprint ability.

3. Ordnance Drops

Instead of being stocked with a set number of weapons, that always spawn in the same places, each map now receives random weapon drops throughout the game. The variety makes the games more unpredictable  and stops players from camping on the locations of the rockets or sniper rifle. The fact that each player can then earn their own personal ordnance drops compounds this situation, causing each map to have a number of different strategies instead of the same old tactics every time you play.

4. Loadouts

Instead of starting you with the assault rifle, and standard grenades each time you spawn, Halo 4 allows you to unlock weapons, grenades, armor abilities and other bonuses so you can spawn with your weapon of choice each time. No more wasting time, hunting around for your favorite weapon.

5. Vehicles

Now, I know the other games in the series had maps with vehicles on them but Halo: Reach completely removed them from all 4-on-4 maps. Halo 4 bring vehicles back to one 4-on-4 map, so far, and packs the Big Team Battle maps with more vehicles that you’ve ever seen. Combine this with a set of fantastic larger maps, and Big Team Battle is one of our new favorite modes, where it used to be a mode we were forced into when we had too many friends online for Team Slayer.

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  • KyloinventedChess

    I agree with 2wisted but I also love halo 4. I don’t understand

  • Skulltastrophe

    @9899bd6b9eb2c0db291055d22de3ab83:disqus That’s a CoD player, Halo, like always. is been Control the Map fights, run for weapons and fight for them, use teamplay and win, protect the flag carrier, learn to drive, learn to shoot without shooting mindlessly and hit enemy with 1 shot because aim assist hits it to the head for you. The fucking instant respawn is shit! no-to-it
    it makes people want to l2p because it gets annoying the spawn time and then you realize that you dont want to die and you take all your strength and fight like a pro! Nowadays in halo 4 you and your enemy can get a doublekill from themselves
    They kill eachother and spawn and kill eachother because of the spawn rate like in CoD! 343i we dont need those changes! just make a new campaign, new maps (remade maps), new weapons and maybe armor abilities. nothing new needed, More armor is good but not different!

  • Skulltastrophe

    Yeah i agree with 2twisted NO ORDINANCES OR PERKS! Armor color more like in H:R and no those weird uber like super ninja armors, just the originals like in H:3 and Reach, just retex and remodel without any uber moves and your done!
    i dont disapprove Loadouts but i dont approve them tho! 343i would be so easy to go to your site, put a bunch of Polls and put there polls like
    Ordinances or Not?
    Loadouts or Not?
    Sprint Always or Not?
    is it so hard ?? Listen to fans!

  • Skulltastrophe

    1, 3 and 4 off from the list, those 2 are only ones that are good, the sprinting is just not so halo stylish so i’d still not prefer it… 343i messed alot of things, used a same engine, did the campaign alot easier and shorter. Sence we know bungie his idea was that multiplayer is a side fun, Campaign is the Idea of Halo, it changed on reach and 343i did it too. now the Campaign is just the tutorial and its based on Multiplayer. thats not the way, this ain’t CoD 343i, Story is the base of Halo and its more fun to play long campaign than the fast phased/respawning multiplayer you made it! Do better on next one… Hide the Skulls harder than H:2, make Legendary as hard as H:R’s LASO and make it about 24 missions not straign run long campaign, put firefight back, take all weapons and add them, even if they dont work perfectly, just put them back to like custom games. Upgrade forge with MANY requested features! FLOOD BACK on Firefight and if it fits with the story then on Campaign. I don’t mind spartan ops, you can keep it. RvB things more than voices, campaign has like 1 boss with real but only few tactics. Forge World + Blood Gulch. (Put a Vote on new Halo site for voting 3-5 remaked maps for Halo 5) We fans dont care if you add like laggy weapons from halo 1 without anything redone (example: Flamethrower) and if its buggy, We dont care! dont add it on campaign, add it on forge!! we got a big bunch of requests and many of them are fucking easy to make but you people just dont listen to us, you just listen to the money!!
    – Skulltastrophe out

  • Jason

    Literally everything you just said here is actually why the game is the worst of all the Halo games…

  • Slayerage

    These are 5 of the biggest problems with Halo 4, the only clearly bigger one is the lack of a decent ranking system. I agree almost completely with 2wisted. This is nothing like the balance in Halo 2 or 3 and that makes it terrible by comparison in my opinion.

    It’s Call of Duty 2557. It really is. Sprinting, Ordnances (care packages), x to respawn, using the magnum when you pick up a flag, kill cams, loadouts with different perk divisions, experience per game based more on gameplay than skill level, tons of unlockable gear, spartan point system based on leveling up, scope doesn’t come off when you’re shot, joining matchmaking games that are in progress, 4 non-fixed alphanumeric callsigns, about 10 OHKO weapons, weapon skins, commendations… the list goes on.

    Now what makes it Halo, exactly? You play as a spartan, the BR exists (and is terrible compared with the DMR thanks), you jump high, and you live a little longer that you would in CoD when you get shot. So basically, the graphics and you jump higher.

    This is an awful change for the series.

    • Slayerage

      I shouldn’t even be playing it considering how much it pains me inside to see the Halo series completely destroyed, but I’m gonna go ahead and point out something else terrible. I hate the map Meltdown (they’re almost universally bad by the way, the maps in this game), and so I quit when I join an in progress game on it. Restart my search, and I run into the same game I just quit from. 3 times in a row. So I was put on a map that I don’t like in the same game four times in a row. That is just stupid.

      The icing on the cake? My friend was booted from a game for betraying (which you can do in vehicles but not with guns, what is that?), and then he simply rejoined moments later. What in the world is the point of booting if they can just rejoin? This matchmaking system is professional-tier horrible, for real.

  • whatever

    these are the reason why its one of the worst halo multiplayer by far.. instant spawns sucks specially on maps like haven ordnance is wasting everything halo was i agree with 2wisted sprinting is ok i guess but it sucks daugh to not have maps like guardian or blackout there are no playlist at all… regicide is the wost ffa mode ever.. there is no doubles yet its supposed to come with the game basic playlist.. they take out team snipers worst move ever.. they take out slayerpro another badmove it was the only playlist with swat that looks like real halo.. boltshot overpowered everyone use it its wasting the game imagine back in halo 3 if everyone had a spawn with a mauler in almost everyplaylist the game would suck… I can gave you many other reason why this halo MP sucks really bad just ask.. oh and if your only reply is you have a bad english yes I do :)

  • 2wisted

    I’m a massive Halo fan, I’d say Halo is my favourite FPS franchise in gaming and the games paved the way for arena FPS on consoles, as well as the standardisation of multiplayer in FPS titles.

    But seriously, these are the reasons why Halo 4 is BAD, not good. Instant respawns are terrible in a game with long killtimes like Halo, they promote revenge seeking and allow you to die, respawn and kill the guy who killed you before he can get his shields back, I’ve literally spawned next to people, sprinted and killed them.

    AAs are fine, but sprint is atrocious, because 343i had to elongate all the corridors and maps so ppl couldn’t double melee, meaning no more maps like Lockout or Midship can work in Halo 4.

    Loadouts are fine, although I disapprove of perks, they are just stupid.

    Ordnance is the worst thing in the game, the concept of killstreaks sucks as it is, rewarding winners with more tools to dominate is a backwards concept, ordnance drops are RANDOM too, meaning you’re just rolling a dice. We can both get ordnance, yours could be great, mine could suck, where is the skill in that? All power weapons on map was GENIUS because it promoted map movement and map control, you want the best power weapons? You have to fight, move and control parts of the map to earn em, to get them all, you’ll need absolute map control and skill.

    That’s now gone.
    Halo 4 has good MP, but the original trilogy is much better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.hawk.90 Sara Hawk

    These are the only bottom 5 of the top 10 list. There’s a much bigger variety of armor customizations, and not to mention how Infinity works, Spartan Ops…

  • Zain

    The Ordinance drops and instant respawns really make the multiplayer more funner and far less frustrating then Halo 3’s multiplayer. In Halo 3 the whole match would just be reduced to a battle for power weapons. As soon as the match started everyone would just run for the power weapons and players would just camp waiting for the rocket launcher to respawn Gears of War 3 suffers from the exact same issue and nothing makes me rage more then having to wait 15 seconds to respawn only to get killed 10 seconds later by some idiot with a boomshot who was camping the whole match at the boomshot spawn point.

    Epic please take notes from Halo 4’s multiplayer!!!!

    • 2wisted

      Gears 3 is competitively perfect. There’s no flaws in the MP and instant respawns are terrible, there should be a punishment for death so players don’t mindlessly run in and die.

      Stay the hell away from my Gears of war 3 please.

      • Slayerage

        Complete agreement, this is exactly the truth for Halo 3 as well.

  • pharmassist

    i love this game.

  • http://twitter.com/brig90 Brian Grant

    Couldn’t agree more with everything said here.