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Five Reasons To Be Excited For Grand Theft Auto V -

Five Reasons To Be Excited For Grand Theft Auto V

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 16 Nov 2012 |

As if you weren’t already.

The month of November has been a great month for video games, with games like Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 selling millions of copies around the world, but there is another game that is stealing some of their thunder and it’s not even being released until Spring 2013. That game is Grand Theft Auto V.

Until this month we had only seen a teaser trailer and a handful of beautiful screenshots, but that all changed after Game Informer released their November issue that was jam-packed full of new GTA V details and then Rockstar released a new trailer shedding more light on the three main characters in the game. I’m sure we could come up with 100 reasons, but these are our top five reasons that you should be very excited for Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s Going To Be Enormous

Sure, there are lots of games that feature massive worlds to explore, but Rockstar claim that the world of Los Santos in GTA V is going to be bigger than GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption combined. Each of those games on their own were huge, so a world that is as big as all three has to be pretty close to the biggest game world you’ve ever explored. The other interesting part about the world is that Rockstar have created a fully detailed ocean floor that you can scuba dive and explore as well. Yes, for real.


A Bigger World Means More Vehicles

There’s always been a healthy dose of vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto games, but Rockstar are putting the most ever in GTA V, with BMX Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Jet Ski’s, Helicopters, Jets, ATV’s and the most Cars and Trucks in any GTA game yet. Those are just the ones that they’ve revealed so far, so who knows what else they have in store for us. I hope it’s a Rhino.


Three Heads Are Better Than One

Instead of focusing on one main protagonist like previous GTA games, GTA V will feature three: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each one has their own story-arc throughout the game, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between them while roaming the city and during missions and they even have their own side activities you can participate in. From what we saw in the trailer that Rockstar released yesterday it’s obvious that the three characters all have their own personalities and could be some of the best ones they’ve created yet.


Mission Variety Is The Spice Of Life

One of the problems with most open world games is that the missions often become repetitive with the same fetch and kill-this-person type missions during the campaign. Rockstar are well aware of this and are including more mission variety and more complex missions throughout the entire game instead of only here and there or towards the end. As mentioned earlier, some missions will give you the option to swap between the three characters to complete certain sections that only they can do, instead of just watching a cutscene of them doing it, like in previous games.


The City That You Never Get Bored In

My main complaint about GTA IV was the lack of things to do around Liberty City, but once we travel to Los Santos I don’t think that’s going to be much of a problem. Rockstar have created more side activities to keep you entertained such as Tennis, Jet Skiing, Scuba Diving, Triathlons, Yoga, Base Jumping, Golfing and many more that they haven’t revealed yet. So I guess Golf cart drive-bys are back. Personally, I’d like to see some sort of Gambling back in the game as another way to earn extra money, whether it’s a Casino, Horse Track or even just slot machines in a local pub.


Still not excited for Grand Theft Auto V? A) What’s wrong with you? and B) What would you like to see in the game that they haven’t announced yet?

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  • jalen

    Yes car customization like when they did San andreazes and more mansions

  • metamamii

    I wana be able to create a character myself

  • matheus

    mais que porra eu quero jogar online

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1380189960 David Chase Hawisher

    I would love to see some customization options for vehicles… or at least the ability to hold onto and transfer vehicles the player really likes.

  • PsychoX

    1 reason to not:All GTA games are offensive piles of crap that send a horrible and disgusting message.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1380189960 David Chase Hawisher

      Riiiight. Because the Legend of Zelda series sends the message that teenage boys with green-dyed Santa outfits and swords should cut up bushes to find gemstones, and because the Mario games inaccurately portray plumbing. You know what? The Bible must be pretty bad, too! It portrays omnicide in a positive light (please note that I am a Christian).

      • MarcusMIDI

        Brilliant!! Haha spot on 😉

    • RabbidDude

      I created an account just to dislike this. I AM FUCKING SICK OF THESE VIDEO GAME MYTHS!!!

  • http://thecontrolleronline.com/ Scott Grant

    Is it weird that I’m excited to play tennis?

  • dion the samoan

    christ… it’s bigger than san andreas gta 4 AND red dead redemption? that’s insane! can’t wait