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Free Game Spotlight: Curiosity -

Free Game Spotlight: Curiosity

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 06 Nov 2012 |

What’s inside the cube?

When Peter Molyneux left Microsoft and Lionhead Studios last year, he started 22 Cans, a new company dedicated to making social experiments in the form of video games. The first game is called Curiosity – What’s inside the cube? and it was released today for free on iOS and Android devices. The idea simple: there is a giant cube covered in tiles and the entire world will help break away each layer to reveal the “life-changing” secret hidden in the center. The catch is that the person who breaks the last tile is the only one who will see it.

I was the 19,696th person to start playing Curiosity and there was already a decent amount of tiles missing on the first layer of the giant cube. You see, as each layer is removed, a new layer will appear, with billions of tiles waiting to be removed. To play, you simply zoom in and tap the screen to break a tile. As you break away tiles, you will earn coins to purchase new tools that make breaking them easier. You can purchase new chisels, fire crackers, bombs and more tools that are coming soon, although with some of their prices being higher than one million coins, you’re going to need to break a lot of tiles to get there.


The idea is to see how many people will continue in this quest to reveal the secret that’s hidden deep in the center of the cube, but since only one person will find it, it’s highly unlikely that it will be you. After breaking tiles for over an hour it was clear that people with addictive personalities will find Curiosity quite appealing. Just when you think you’re done, there are more tiles that need to go and I can see it easily turning into an obsession that keeps you awake at night, just thinking about all of those tiles still sitting there.

When I play Minecraft I need to clear an entire area and there can’t be any blocks left and the rows need to straight or it will drive me crazy. This also applied in Curiosity as well since the Cube is very messy, with random tiles missed all over the place and I found myself trying to clean up behind people more than clear my own areas. However you do your part, the end will bring fortune to one lucky person, whether it be some sort of prize or nothing but a clever joke played on all of us. Who knows what the end will bring, but at least the ride there was interesting and free.

Developer: 22 Cans
Release Date: November 6th, 2012
Size: 18 MB
Age Rating: 4+

Download On: iTunes and Android

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