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Nintendo Land Review

Nintendo Land

Release Date: November 18th, 2012
Genre(s): Party
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): Nintendo
Multiplayer: 2-5 Player Local
Co-op: 2-5 Player Local

Nintendo Land Review

Posted by Scott Grant | 23 Nov 2012 |

If this was a real thing, I would go there.

Nintendo Land Review.Every time a new console is released, especially one with as many unique features as the Wii U, we have to have that one game that is basically a tech demo that tries to familiarize you with all of the new functions. Nintendo are usually pretty good at making these type of games, and Nintendo Land is no different; it won’t go down in history as a classic, but it will let you have some fun while you learn all about the Wii U.

Single Player

The idea behind Nintendo Land was to create a virtual theme park, filled with attractions that are styled after some famous Nintendo franchises. Much like the tag line says, I think this would actually be a great idea in real life and with all of Nintendo’s iconic characters and games, and the part they often play in people’s childhoods, this park could be quite successful. Those, of course, are dreams and what we really have is a creepy robot who shows you around to each virtual theme park attraction, and guides you in making the park a more interesting place to hang out in.

Nintendo Land Mario Chase

Dress up like Mario and tackle your friends into the ground. It’s what he would want you to do.


Each attraction offers one or more mini-games that that usually dress your Mii up as a character from the series the attraction is based on. Now, before you get too excited, the attractions are not recreations of the games they borrow themes from. Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest doesn’t play like any of the Zelda games, and is a rail shooter where you use a bow and arrow, or sword, but it’s still amusing.

Mario Chase, on the other hand, is a competitive game of tag involving two or more players chasing each other around Mario-esque maps while dressed like characters from the series. Metroid Blast dresses you up like Samus but puts you in some sort of small space ship and has you fly around shooting targets. None of the games are particularly deep, but they do manage to be a lot of fun and they often make great use of the available tech.

Nintendo Land Ninja

Yes, the throwing star game you saw at E3 is there.


Most of the twelve available attractions will have multiple levels to play through, so at least you won’t get bored very quickly, and progressing  in each one will earn you new items that will decorate your park. It’s only a small bit of lasting progression but it does give you a reason to finish all of the levels, and that is something that a lot of party games forget.


Each attraction will have multiplayer options for anywhere from two to five local players and the multiplayer modes are often different than the single player modes. If you don’t want to wander around the park checking out each attraction you can hit Y to pull up the menu. This menu will conveniently group the events into single player, competitive two player, and multiplayer so you can easily pick and choose which one you want to jump in to.

Closing Comments

As far as tech demo type launch games go, you could do worse than Nintendo Land. You probably won’t be playing it a couple of months from now, but if your friends are over and you want to show them what the Wii U is all about I think everyone will have a good time. Building up your park will keep you around a little longer than you may have expected but this is a very casual experience and, as long as you know that going in, it can be fun.

Score: 7/10

Price: $59.99 or Included with the Deluxe Wii U Console
Available On: Wii U

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