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Release Date: November 18th, 2012
Genre(s): Survival Horror
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft
Multiplayer: 2 Player Local
Co-op: None

ZombiU Dee’s Letters Location Guide

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 23 Nov 2012 |

John Dee and the Royal Mail.

Early on in the ZombiU campaign, you’ll be tasked with finding a series of seven letters written by John Dee as a secondary mission. Throughout the rest of the campaign missions you’ll be able to grab these letters, but some of them are a little tricky to find so we’ve gathered their locations below.

ZombiU Dees Letters


Dee’s Letter #1 – In the Palace Underground, the doctor will give you this through the box when he gives you the mission.

Dee’s Letter #2 – Victoria Memorial, fast travel to the sewer and follow the Prepper mission to get Colonel Waverley’s keycard, open the sewer door with this keycard and loot the letter form a dead body.

Dee’s Letter #3 – Brick Lane Flats, in the Old Brick Warehouses, After completing the Tower of London mission, and getting the black light and Cypher pad upgrades, find the offices on the upper floor and you’ll find a keypad. Go into the other room, where the full painting of the raven is on the wall. Look through the window, toward the keypad and line up the partial painting of the raven, with the black paint on the window and you’ll be able to scan the code. It was 3391, I’m not sure if they codes are random or not.

Dee’s Letter #4 – Brick Lane Markets, in the area called Hanbury Green, find the building with the outdoor staircase leading up to an open flat. Under the staircase will be a pile of trash you can set some C4 on, loot this letter form a body after blowing up the trash and going through.

Dee’s Letter #5 – Spitalfields Green, in the Quaker Park area behind an iron barricade. You’ll have to play through the story until you get the Scan Hacker upgrade for the Pad to get this letter.

Dee’s Letter #6 – Tower of London, in the Tower Pier area, you’ll have to wait until you come back to the Tower of London with the Scan Hacker upgrade and this letter will be on the deck of a tugboat that is docked at the second pier.

Dee’s Letter #7 – Baconfields, in the Darwin Yard area you’ll find this letter in a shed near the pond and excavator machine. As with letters 5 and 6, you can’t get this one until you have the Scan Hacker pad upgrade.

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  • Chrop

    Dee letter #3 is random, also you have to aim it EXACTLY right otherwise you wont be able to scan it

  • matt

    yes the codes are random it was 5805 for me

  • Leeham Jenkins

    Insert obligatory dees nuts joke

    • Adam

      “The secret letter is located in the bathroom right between Dees Nuts!” :)

    • http://www.thecontrolleronline.com/ Peter Carpenter

      This guide walked right into that one.