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Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Release Date: February 12th, 2013
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Sega
Developer(s): Gearbox, Timegate, Demiurge, Nerve
Multiplayer: 2-8 Player Online
Co-op: 2-4 Player Online

Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer

Posted by Scott Grant | 28 Dec 2012 |

Rise and shine, Marines.

Gearbox have been showing us how many ways the Aliens can kill us for months now, but now they’re throwing the cover off of the story in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Aliens Colonial Marines Story


You and your squad of Marines will be investigating a distress call from the USS Sulaco. Obviously, that’s going to be filled with slimy Aliens so there you have it. That’s the story. I think we all knew it was going to be something like that, but I’m still excited to see how this one turns out.

Check out the Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer below:


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