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Best Sports Game of 2012 -

Best Sports Game of 2012

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 18 Dec 2012 |

One of these things is not like the other.

Regardless of which one is your favorite, 2012 was a great year for sports in video games. With EA churning out yearly entries in most of their major franchises and THQ bringing us the best UFC game yet, it was a great year to be a gamer and a sports fan. As you already know, EA Sports basically owns the genre at this point, and dominated our list of nominees as well, but as long as they keep making great games, we won’t complain too much.

Our pick for Best Sports Game of 2012 is……

NHL 13

Developer / Publisher: EA Sports / EA
Review Score: 9.5/10

Even though some people may think we picked NHL 13 as our Best Sports Game of the year just because we are Canadian, we think it actually makes us even harsher as critics. It’s our game, and if you mess it up, we’re going to be the first ones to let you know it. Fortunately, we didn’t have much to complain about this year as EA Sports released their best NHL game yet. Between the all new True Performance Skating system, the new Hockey IQ AI system and new modes such as GM Connected and NHL Moments Live, EA Sports gave us much more than just another yearly rehash, they changed the way we play the game.

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Other Nomineees

FIFA 13FIFA 13 – “If you’re looking to pick up your first FIFA game, 2013 is the year to do it. The Skill Games and Seasons modes make this one of the most accessible sports games out there and the game engine is getting closer and closer to a true representation of how the game of soccer is played.”

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Madden NFL 13Madden NFL 13 – “There is more Football in Madden NFL 13 than you’ll ever be able to play. Between Connected Careers, online communities, Ultimate Team and all of the other modes you’ll be busy for quite a while with this one. Despite a few hiccups with the new physic system, this is some of the best looking, down on the field, action yet. Whether you’re a fan of the Madden series, or just a fan of Football, you should get this game.”

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fifa street box artFIFA Street – “FIFA Street manages to outshine its lackluster AI by being a lot of fun. Though it’s still about soccer, this is a very different game from the yearly FIFA series from EA Sports. FIFA Street is a great game for people who only kind of like soccer, as well as hardcore fans. While it remains realistic, it includes all of the cool stuff you see your favorite footballers pulling off in practice but would never dare do in a game.”

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 – “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is one of the most fun, and tight, Golf experiences yet. Whether you’re playing with the Kinect, the controller, or both there is a ton of content to experience. Precision golfers will love the new in-game layout and controls while casual fans are still able to jump in and have a go with relative ease. This may be the best Tiger Woods game yet.”

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UFC Undisputed 3 – “UFC Undisputed 3 does so many things well, such as the great addition of Pride mode, the smoother combat system, better character models, a great new submission system and a much-needed update to the career mode, which makes it the best UFC game yet.”

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Award Categories: Best PC Indie, Best Strategy Game, Best Puzzle Game, Best Sports Game, Best Racing Game, Best Co-op Game, Best RPG – Stay tuned for more awards all the way up to our Game of the Year.

Editor’s Note: The winning game is picked by the entire staff and not based solely on individual review scores.

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