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Best Strategy Games of 2012 -

Best Strategy Games of 2012

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 19 Dec 2012 |

The best defense is a good offense.

Strategy games come in a number of different flavors these days and whether you play tower defense, tower offense, real-time, or turn-based, 2012 had a lot to offer you. We’ve spent a lot of time, this year, commanding our armies in one way or another and have come up with a list of our favorites. Which one crushed the competition? Let’s find out.

And now, the winner of our Best Strategy Game of 2012 is:

Xcom Enemy Unknown


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM Enemy Unknown Box ArtDeveloper/Publisher: Firaxis / 2K Games
Review Score: 9

Firaxis have not only successfully resurrected a fantastic old series, they’ve managed to build upon what made it great, while still keeping the feel of the original. Your choices have real consequences in Enemy Unknown, and playing carelessly can come back to bite you, but it might not be until you’re much further along in the game. The other great thing that XCOM: Enemy Unknown does, that strategy games can’t often do, is create atmosphere. New dangers could be lurking around any corner and you always feel like the aliens are watching.

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Other Nominees

Endless Space ReviewEndless Space – “Aside from a few quirks, Endless Space is a deep and rewarding strategy game. That is, if you take the time to get to know it. A steep learning curve gives way to an upgrade system that asks you to have faith in a vision of the future. Just like we knew the telegraph would ditch all those wires on day, Endless Space asks you to take the long view and punishes you if you don’t. Some people may be overwhelmed but strategy fans have to play this one.”

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Orcs Must Die 2 – “For $15, Orcs Must Die 2 includes an all new 15 level Campaign, Endless Mode, Classic Mode, two player online co-op, plenty of new traps, weapons and enemies and a much deeper upgrade system. If you didn’t enjoy what Orcs Must Die had to offer then I don’t think this one will do anything to change your mind, but it is definitely a must have for anyone who loved it. If you want to call it an expansion and not a sequel then that’s fine, I’ll agree with you. I don’t really care what you want to call it, I’ve been having more fun with Orcs Must Die 2 than most $60 games I’ve played this year and I will gladly pay $15 for any “expansion” that comes packed full of so much great content.”

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Worms Revolution – “Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan, there’s a lot to love about Worms Revolution. From the new weapons, gadgets and classes, to the updated environments and new hazards, Team17 have done a great job of moving the series forward, except when it comes to playing cooperatively in my opinion. Overall, it’s the same Worms that you’ve come to love over the last 17 years, but now there’s a whole lot more of it to love.”

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Award Categories: Best PC Indie, Best Strategy Game, Best Puzzle Game, Best Sports Game, Best Racing Game, Best Co-op Game, Best RPG – Stay tuned for more awards all the way up to our Game of the Year.

Editor’s Note: The winning game is picked by the entire staff and not based solely on individual review scores.

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