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Halo 4 Review

Halo 4

Release Date: November 6th, 2012
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Microsoft
Developer(s): 343 Industries
Multiplayer: 2-16 Player Online
Co-op: 2-4 Player Online and Local

Halo 4 Title Update 1.02 Patch Notes

Posted by Scott Grant | 10 Dec 2012 |

The fix is in.

If you’ve popped in your Halo 4 disc in the last few days you likely noticed that there was a pretty sizable title update. If you were wondering just what was updated in this download, look no further.

Halo 4 Update


The Halo 4 1.02 Title Update patch notes are as follows:

  • Implemented general stability improvements.
  • Fixed glitch where quickly reloading after firing the Boltshot resulted in an instant reload.
  • Fixed glitch where sprinting prior to activating the Hardlight Shield allowed players to move faster.
  • Fixed glitch were players could throw a grenade and then immediately sprint afterwards to perform a high velocity grenade.
  • Fixed glitch where Mantis could fire more rockets without reloading if the machine gun was fired partway through unleashing the charged missile barrage.
  • Fixed issue where DLC was unavailable for other profiles on the same console.
  • Fixed issue where DLC disappeared after console reboot.
  • Fixed issue where players could not unlock Campaign completion achievements when using a rally point other than Alpha for any mission to finish the Campaign.
  • Fixed issue where players were not given credit for completion of a Spartan Ops Episode Difficulty Challenge when completing it through Matchmaking.
  • Fixed issue where players with 99 or more Xbox LIVE friends could not get File recommendations.
  • Fixed issue where loadout configurations were lost if the game was booted and then powered off before passing the “Press START” screen.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to upload large films to the File Share under poor network conditions caused the upload to fail.
  • Improved time to load variants with separate profiles.
  • Fixed issue where moving a profile from one controller port to another after relaunching the game reset loadout settings.
  • Improved consistency of random ordnance navigation marker display.
  • Fixed performance issues when launching Halo Waypoint from Halo 4.

Sounds like they’re all set for the release of the Crimson Map Pack later today.

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  • River Smith

    After downloading this patch (and ONLY after that), I couldn’t play ANY game mode of Halo 4 because of that dumb-as-shit “missing DLC” issue, and that includes the campaign, which hasn’t and shouldn’t ever even need it. What the FUCK ?!?!