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The Best Games You Didn’t Play In 2012 -

The Best Games You Didn’t Play In 2012

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 10 Dec 2012 |

Find out what you’ve been missing.

It may just be because of the line of work we’re in, but 2012 felt like one of the biggest years gaming has seen in a long time. With the huge number of titles that were released this year, a few were bound to fall through the cracks. Below are our favorite games that didn’t necessarily have a huge marketing campaign, or big sales numbers, but are also games you just shouldn’t miss.

Orcs Must Die 2

Releasing the sequel on PC only is one of the main reasons why a lot of gamers missed out on Orcs Must Die 2, which is a shame since it seemed like a big hit with console gamers the first time around. The sequel introduced two-player co-op and a second playable character to the series and added some great new traps and weapons with a brand new upgrade system. If you didn’t think the first game was long enough, then don’t worry, as Orcs Must Die 2’s new Endless mode will keep you busy for a long time. I already have over 100 hours logged and I’m still going strong. If you’re a fan of Strategy/Tower-Defense games, then Orcs Must Die 2 should be at the top of your Christmas list this year.

Developer/Publisher: Robot Entertainment
Available On: PC

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The Darkness 2

I can’t really blame you if you decided to skip The Darkness 2 as I didn’t really like the first one either, but if you do then you’re missing out on one of the best First-Person Shooters of the year. The sequel ditched multiplayer in favor of a separate co-op campaign and brought the crazy new Quad-Wielding combat system into our lives. The combat was fun and we are always a sucker for a good co-op game, but surprisingly, the story is what kept us playing. It’ll keep you guessing and you never really know if what you’re seeing is real or not. In a time where most shooters overlook the campaign and focus on the multiplayer side, The Darkness 2 does the complete opposite. Whether you liked the original Darkness or not, we think you’ll be surprised by how good The Darkness 2 really is.

Developer/Publisher: Digital Extremes / 2K Games
Available On: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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Quarrel (Denki, UTV Ignition)

Quarrel Game

Right after Christmas is never the best time to release a new game, but Quarrel hit the Xbox Live Arcade on January 25th so a lot of people may have missed it. If you did have a chance to play it, you’ll know that it’s one of the best word-puzzle games out there. By combining Risk with Scrabble, Denki have created a whole new game that has you battling for territories by seeing who can make the best word within a short time limit. If you love Risk, but always hated losing battles due to, what were surely, faulty dice then you need to try out Quarrel. If you love owning your friends in Scrabble but would like to own them on the field of battle as well, then you need to try out Quarrel. Quarrel is simply one of the most entertaining word games you’ll ever play and will surely be the best $5 you’ve spent all year.

Developer/Publisher: Denki / UTV Ignition
Available On: Xbox Live Arcade, iOS

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Binary Domain

Binary Domain

Robots aren’t something you tend to think of as being creepy, but Sega did a fantastic job with the enemies in Binary Domain. The first few robots you shoot will just feel like chunks of metal, but then you’ll turn around to find one with no legs, crawling toward you, shakily holding up a pistol at you. If that isn’t enough, wait until you get deep into the story, Binary Domain isn’t billed as a horror game but it scared the crap out of us. Binary Domain is an ambitious project that delivers a fantastic story in the form of a good third-person shooter. The robots are some of the most memorable enemies in any game, from the way they react to damage, to the tactics they use, to their lack of retreating footsteps, they are one of the best opposing forces in any game.

Developer/Publisher: SEGA Japan / SEGA
Available On: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

Pixel art seems to say strange things to some people, but when used correctly it can create a better atmosphere than many full 3D games. Lone Survivor is one of these games. Combining true survival gameplay with atmospheric and direct horror elements, Lone Survivor is one of our favorite games this year. This game is a must-buy for all Survival Horror fans and at just $10, the price is more than right. Lone Survivor serves to remind us that solid game design trumps million dollar special effects any day.

Developer/Publisher: Superflat Games
Available On: PC

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If you played all of these games, what games did you feel were underappreciated in 2012. Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Sky Yuki

    Binary domain is the best 3rd person shooter i ever played (i don’t care what u guy say)
    The darkness is the most gory first person game i also ever played (i still don’t care what u guy say)
    Orc must die 2………never played

  • Snot

    I love Binary Domain maybe not the story or characters but it was fun to play and really what 3rd person shooter that’s cover heavy isn’t derivitive of anything else? Dont say Gears of War there have been hulk sized meathead characters like them in shooters a long time before Cliff B got a boner for Marcus Fenix and the other bromosexual characters in those games.

    • Frank the Rabbit

      Id have to agree with you there but also it just so popular now to hate anything Japanese when it comes to video games now.


    i’ve played all of these games except…Quarrel (Denki, UTV Ignition)…and also Bionary Domain?yeah sure it was a fair game minus the bugs and some stupid Flaws in action and AI…and THE VOICE COMMAND which 98% of a time didn’t fucking work…yeah it wasn’t bad…

  • repark

    Lone Survivor is absolutely amazing.

  • Chris

    Binary Domain had a crap narrative, flimsy characters, and some of the most horribly written dialogue in history. Tack on character’s that were stereotypes, gun play that got repetitive and a twist that was so retarded I actually had to quit playing for a minute, I can’t see why it’s on this list.

  • Fds

    I loved the Darkness 2. It was definitely not fail.

  • http://twitter.com/Inlesse Inle Bishop

    Binary domain: fail.
    The darkness 2: fail
    Orcs must die 2: fail

    You have just listed some crappiest games of the year, sir.

    • Jenny

      Lol, The Darkness was amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001040329937 Branko Stankovic

    Binary Domain is crapiest game ever made 😀

  • Wade Wilson

    Mark of the Ninja!

  • virtual_rich

    I played Binary Domain. Pretty sure a few others did as well. It was not the best experience I’ve had playing a game.