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Xbox Live Indie Spotlight: Bleed -

Xbox Live Indie Spotlight: Bleed

Posted by Scott Grant | 13 Dec 2012 |

Don’t get lazy.

Bleed Have you ever wondered what video game heroes do after they’ve taken care of all the bad guys, and saved the day? Wryn thinks they get lazy and complacent and she’s out to prove that she’s the best hero in the year 20XX. How is she going to do this? By hunting down, and taking out all of the other heroes. She’s got a bone to pick and a whole bunch of guns, so you can send all of the henchmen you like out to stop her but, in the end, Wryn is going to make you Bleed.

Bleed is a fast paced 2D platformer/shoot-em-up that uses a unique control scheme to create a different style of play from what you’re used to in these kind of games. At first, Bleed will remind you of a cross between Contra and an old Mega Man game but the mechanics are what make it stand out. First, even though this is a 2D side-scroller, you’ll shoot your weapons using the right thumb-stick. This leaves the right trigger open to control your jumping. What? That’s correct, the right trigger makes Wryn jump, but it also controls her unique double jump mechanism.

The first time you hit the right trigger, Wryn will jump. While still in the air you can hit the right trigger again to boost Wryn off in whichever direction you’re aiming. You’ll be able to perform this boost maneuver up to three times before touching the ground, making our hero capable of some really spectacular evasions and even short term flight.


Bugs: Always ruining my day.


When you combine the mid-air boosting capability with Wryn’s ability to slow down time for short periods, skilled players will be able to get themselves out of some very tricky situations. When the screen turns into ‘bullet hell’, just slow down time and zip yourself out of harms way. It takes time to master these skills, and to put them all together, but those who do will find a much deeper game than they were probably expecting. Perform well, or on higher difficulties, and you can rack up more points to spend on upgrades to Wryn and her arsenal.

Once you defeat all the world’s heroes, you can move on to a couple of extras that could keep you busy for quite a while. Arcade Mode challenges you to complete the game without dying, and high scores are recorded based on how far you can make it. Challenge Mode allows you to battle up to three bosses from the story mode at the same time in an attempt to show your dominance. This mode can get pretty crazy and is a lot of fun, even if it is over the top.


Time to ride the pain train.


At $4.99, Bleed is on the higher end of the scale when it comes to Xbox Live Indie games but if you give it a shot I think you’ll walk away feeling like it was money well spent. Bleed puts a unique spin on the retro shooter genre and is way more fun than it looks like it’s going to be when you first see it.

Developed By: Bootdisk Revolution
Price: 400 MS Points 

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