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Activision Set To Make New Ninja Turtles Games

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 07 Feb 2013 |

The rumors were true after all.

Last year there were rumors about Activision making a new Turtles game and today they proved to be true, as Activision and Nickelodeon announced that they are partnering up to produce a series of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games based on the new CG-animated series.

No other details about the games, including what platforms they would be released on, when the first game would be released or if they would feature any co-op or multiplayer modes were included in the announcement. It would be pretty disappointing to get a new Ninja Turtles game in 2013 or beyond and it not have some form of co-op, that’s for sure. Some gamers may be disappointed that the games will be based on the new cartoon, instead of classic material, but as long as they don’t simplify the games for kids too much, I’m just happy to get a new Turtles game. Plus, I’ve been enjoying the new show with my son, even if it’s not quite the same as the Turtles I loved so much when I was his age.

We’ll have more info on the new TMNT games as it becomes available. For now, go check out the new series on Nickelodeon if you haven’t yet, it’s not that bad.

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