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DayZ Mod


Release Date: TBA
Genre(s): Survival Horror
Publisher(s): Bohemia Interactive
Developer(s): Bohemia Interactive
Multiplayer: 2-70 Player
Co-op: 2-70 Player

DayZ Devs Update Us on the Progress of the Standalone Version

Posted by Scott Grant | 05 Feb 2013 |

Yes, there will be beans.

The DayZ Dev Team has been hard at work on the Standalone version of one of the most popular mods in history, and today they’re giving us a huge update on the progress.

DayZ Standalone


While the team still isn’t ready to show us the new inventory system, it remains at the center of their effort right now with the team saying: “We’re working very hard on the inventory system even more, and it looks like the crafting system is close in next in our development. It would be fair to say that inventory and crafting are the key development objective currently, second only to the client/server architecture (makes DayZ more like an MMO), and new zombie AI mechanics (an ongoing task).”

Along with this update, lead designer Dean “Rocket” Hall and production assistant Matt Lightfoot, put together a lengthy video blog. We get a look at the DayZ main menu, new loot spawning system, and a slightly uncomfortable demonstration of the new clothing system. Enjoy:


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