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Dead Space 3 Review

Dead Space 3

Release Date: February 5th, 2013
Genre(s): Action
Publisher(s): EA
Developer(s): Visceral Games
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: 2 Player Online

Dead Space 3 Artifact Locations Guide

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 07 Feb 2013 |

Engineer, Archaeologist, Isaac does it all.

Dead Space 3 rewards those who take the time to look around and if you look around hard enough, you’ll find 40 Artifacts scattered throughout Tau Volantis.

Dead Space 3 Artifiacts


Picking up these Artifacts won’t just help you unlock the Professor Achievement, you’ll also be rewarded with some weapon upgrade circuits. The Dead Space 3 Artifacts are divided into four categories, each with their own unlock. There will be 6 EarthGov, 6 Unitologist, 18 S.C.A.F, and 10 Alien. Completing each set will unlock the corresponding Circuit Set. Below are the Artifact Locations:


1. (S.C.A.F #01) Follow the objective locator until you pass between two rocks, then go left until you reach the high rocks. Follow these rocks until you see a sharp outcrop and you’ll see this Artifact.


Chapter 1:

2. (Earth Gov) In the sewer, follow the objective until you get to the part where you’ll have to use Stasis to slow the vehicles. Look in the room on the left, near the Statis Recharge box and you’ll find this Artifact.

3. (Unitologist) After the cut scene showing the Marker, once you exit the elevator, look behind the desk on the right.


Chapter 2:

4. (Earth Gov) Shortly after the chapter starts, follow the objective locator to a crossroad. Turn right here, down the hall, and you’ll see the Artifact here.


Chapter 3:

5. (S.C.A.F) Near the start of the chapter, after the first few enemies, you’ll find this artifact in the theater, at the bottom of the screen.


Chapter 4:

6. (Earth Gov) In the Admiral’s quarters, you’ll find this Artifact near the window.

7. (Earth Gov) Found during the co-op only mission CMS Brusilov.

8. (S.C.A.F.) After heading outside the ship, move forward until you see a recessed channel in the ship’s hull (approx 100m from the objective) and you’ll find this artifact.

9. (Alien) On the CMS Greely, find the experimentation room and deal with the enemies. Look for two spaces with lit by purple lights. The artifact will be in the second one from the door.

10. (S.C.A.F.) Still in the Greely, after decrypting the message you’ll head outside again. Look for a large chuck of ship debris with an eagle logo on it. You can open a door on one end of it with the kinetic module. Inside will be a room with the Artifact.

11. (S.C.A.F) Head for the CMS Brusilov, look for the wreckage with a number 6 on it. You’ll be able to open a door on this wreckage and you’ll find this Artifact opposite some lockers.


Chapter 5:

12. (S.C.A.F) You’ll find this Artifact in the cockpit, near the pilot’s seat.

13. (S.C.A.F) After the elevator falls, exit and you’ll see a video about impaling enemies using Kinesis. Climb the ladder and look to the right.

14. (S.C.A.F) In the Engine Room head to the lowest level and you’ll find this artifact on a box, behind a chair.


Chapter 6:

15. After clearing the debris, you’ll be outside the ship. Look straight ahead and find the largest piece of wreckage. The Artifact will be on the side of the wreckage.


Chapter 7:

There are no Artifacts in this chapter.


Chapter 8:

16. (S.C.A.F) When the pipe you are in breaks, and you have to go outside, you’ll see a raised platform in front of you. You can get up to it via a ladder near the door that requires a keycard.


Chapter 9:

17. (S.C.A.F) After activating the elevator, and heading to te lower level, look for the pump room. Near the door is a small room on the left. The Artifact will be inside.

18. (S.C.A.F) After the big fight, go inside and climb the ladder in the second room. This artifact will be near a Text Log.

19. (S.C.A.F) In the room marked “Explosive Storage”, head right and you’ll see this Artifact along the wall.


Chapter 10:

20. (S.C.A.F) After the fight with the Drill, head outside until you see an area with some dead bodies. You’ll find this Artifact behind some boxes, on the right.

21. (Alien) Before you enter the excavation site, after the tunnel, look on the right.


Chapter 11:

22: (Earth Gov) You will need to play the co-op only mission called Archaeology.

23. (Unitologist) After encountering the necromorphs that hide behind objects, find this Artifact up a slope, to the left of the building.

24. (Unitologist) During the optional mission called Armory, walk behind the reinforced glass and into the office. The artifact will be in the corner near a poster.

25. (Unitologist) Still during the Armory side mission, find the Munitions Key and enter the tunnel. At the far end, behind a stack of S.C.A.F crates, you’ll find this Artifact.


Chapter 12:

There are no Artifacts in this chapter.


Chapter 13:

26. (S.C.A.F) Once you enter the frozen caves, fight the explosive necromorphs then take the left branch of the cave. You’ll find the Artifact here.


Chapter 14:

27. (Earth Gov) This Artifact can be found during the co-op only mission Marker Containment.

28. (S.C.A.F) This Artifact can be found during the co-op only mission Marker Containment.

29. (Unitologist) After entering the Geology department, fight the Stalkers and then look to the left of the door to Disposal Services.

30. (S.C.A.F) Head up the lift, opposite the Disposal Services door and find this Artifact behind some crates on the right.

31. (S.C.A.F) During the optional mission Reaper Barracks, look in the room to the right of the bench.

32. (Alien) After releasing the gas, go into the lab on the right and you’ll find the Artifact.

33. (Alien) After the second gas release, find the room labeled The Zoo and look to the right on a table.


Chapter 15:

There are no Artifacts in this chapter.


Chapter 16:

There are no Artifacts in this chapter.


Chapter 17:

34. (Alien) Near the bench as soon as the chapter starts.

35. (Unitologist) This Artifact will be across from the second set of charges you’ll detonate.

36. (Alien) During the optional mission Artifact Storage, you’ll find this one at the top of the third anti-gravity silo.

37. (Alien) After shooting across the gap, enter the Alien door and head left to find this Artifact.


Chapter 18:

38. (Alien) In the room with the Stalkers, stay to the right in the outer tunnel that runs around the room.

39. (Alien) In the room with the spinning pillar puzzle, you will find this Artifact on the left platform.


Chapter 19: 

40. (Alien) On the left side of the slope once the large tentacles attack you, after the chapter begins.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/jamie.ross.50596 Jamie Ross

    Actually, there is an artifact in Chapter 7. After releasing the engine pod outside the wreckage of the Greely, turn around and find the L shaped piece of wreckage just below you on your way back to the SK1P. Normally a couple of Lurkers might attack you from it. On one end of the piece near the engine is an airlock door with two air canisters next to it. Open the door and inside you will find a supply stash and an S.C.A.F artifact.