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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Review

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Release Date: February 28th, 2013
Genre(s): Third-Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Rebellion
Developer(s): Rebellion
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: 2-4 Player Online

Rebellion Announce Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 13 Feb 2013 |

Aim for the head.

Earlier this month Rebellion teased us with a new game set in the Sniper Elite universe and then today they officially unveiled the cooperative shooter Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army.

Set to release on February 28th, exclusively on PC via Steam, Nazi Zombie Army will feature a 2-4 player cooperative campaign set during World War II where Hitler has unleashed an undead army. Karl Fairburne, the main protagonist in the Sniper Elite series, is back, but you can also play as an American scientist, a German officer or a Russian soldier as well. Rebellion will reveal more details about Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army starting tomorrow.

When they first teased the new game I was a little worried that it would just be another uninspired zombie game, but the new trailer that they released today shows zombies with mini-guns, melee weapons and even what looked like a zombie sniper, so I’d say it’s going to be a little more than just wasting hordes of random zombies. The four player co-op part doesn’t hurt either.

Check out the trailer below.

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