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SCE DevNet Courts Indie Devs With Ease of Access -

SCE DevNet Courts Indie Devs With Ease of Access

Posted by Scott Grant | 27 Feb 2013 |

And the players are the ones who will benefit.

Since Sony’s PS4 announcement conference, we’ve been hearing more and more about the SCE DevNet, self-publishing features that Sony are implementing across the board to attract more indie developers to the platform. Today we found out just how easy it is to become a Playstation Developer.

During the Playstation 4 presentation Indie Developer, Jonathan Blow, of Braid fame, was on hand to show us his new game, The Witness. Aside from giving us a look at his upcoming game, Blow’s part of the presentation served to let us know about Sony’s self publishing tools.


This week Sony has begun reaching out to the more well known Indie developers, letting them know just how easy the self publishing process is. On the SCE DevNet site, we can see that becoming a Playstation Developer is a fairly simple, four step, process. With SCE saying “With the ability to self-publish across PlayStation Network, PS® Vita, and PlayStation Mobile there’s a PlayStation platform for every game. No slotting, no voting. You are the publisher!”

We love the XBLA platform, and many developers have found success there, but we do know that the process of getting a game to market on the Xbox 360 is much more difficult. Brian Provinciano, developer of the arcade hit, Retro City Rampage, reminded his comrades of the difference today on Twitter:

Let’s hope Microsoft soon jump on this trend, and let the Indie developers do what they do. We’ve seen some great games from tiny studios over the past couple of years and the continuation of this trend benefits us all.

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