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Bioshock Infinite Review

Bioshock Infinite

Release Date: March 26th, 2013
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Irrational Games
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Bioshock Infinite Sightseer Achievement Guide

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 31 Mar 2013 |

Go see the moving pictures.

In Bioshock Infinite, as part of the Sightseer achievement/trophy, you’ll have to track down 37 Kinetoscopes (small wooden podiums that play a video for the user) and Telescopes. This guide will show you all of the Kinetoscope locations as well as the Telescope locations. You can also check out our Voxophone Locations guide if you need help finding them too.

Bioshock Infinite Kinetoscope

“Father Comstock’s Gift of Prophecy” – Once you get into Columbia proper, head to into the store on the right to find the first Kinetoscope.

“Beware the False Shepard” – In Columbia, walk until you get to a bridge that is down to let a parade pass. After this bridge, you’ll see a grocery store and this Kinetoscope will be beside it.

“The Envy of all His Peers” – Directly to the right of the entrance to the Raffle and Fair.

“A Look Back at Opening Day” – One of three Kinetoscopes located in a row, in the lobby of the Blue Ribbon restaurant. (Also in the games room in Battleship Bay).

“The Prophet Stands up to Foes: Within and Without” – Two of three Kinetoscopes located in a row, in the lobby of the Blue Ribbon restaurant. (Also in the games room in Battleship Bay).

“We Secede From the So Called Union” – Three of three Kinetoscopes located in a row, in the lobby of the Blue Ribbon restaurant. (Also in the games room in Battleship Bay).

“Danger On All Sides” – During the Comstock Center Rooftops, exit the house with the printing presses and head to the right. You’ll find this Kinetoscope behind a tent.

“Uncanny Mystery in Columbia” – As soon as you enter Monument Island Gateway, turn right and you’ll see this Kinetoscope.

“Battleship Bay” – As soon as you wake up on the beach, head through the door to the next section and this Kinetoscope will be directly opposite the opening to the next part of the beach.

“Solving the Irish Problem!” – In the Battleship Bay games room, head down the hall toward the Bathrooms and go all the way to the end.

“A City in the Sky? Impossible!” – Once you enter Soldiers Field, in the room the large bird statues, go all the way to the right to find this Kinetoscope.

“Mighty Songbird Patrols the Skies” – After lifting the gate, and entering the Soldiers Field boardwalk area, head right toward the Ice Cream shop.

“Who Are the Vox Populi?” – Inside the ticket building, on the right side of the gondola before going up to the Hall of Heroes.

“Who Needs the Power Company?” – Head to the right, right before you enter the Hall of Heroes.

“The Lamb is the Future of the City” – Directly inside the door of the Hall of Heroes Gift Shop, on the left.

“Behold the Miracle Child! A Prophecy is Fulfilled!” – Directly inside the door of the Hall of Heroes Gift Shop, on the right.

“A City Mourns” – In the main hall of the Hall of Heroes Gift Shop, next to the round desk. (Or in the lobby of the First Lady’s Aerodrome, under the stairs.)

“The Path of the Vox Populi” – Directly to the left as you enter Finkton Proper.

 “Crime Comes to Shanty-Town” – Up the first set of stairs, and next to a vending machine in the Good Time Club.

“The First Lady” – After fighting the waves of enemies in the Good Time Club, head directly away from the stage to a short hallway that houses the washrooms to find this Kinetoscope.

“Gun-Smith Set Free” – On the way out of the Good Time Club, you’ll notice the Kinetoscope in the lobby is on the other side of the vending machine now.

“Fitzroy Spotted” – Inside the police station, in Shantytown, head through the gate and into the small office on the right.

“Lutece’s Brother Arrives in Columbia” – In Port Prosperity, look for the restaurant called “The Salty Oyster”, have Elizabeth unlock the door and look for this Kinetoscope between the washrooms.

 “Sunrise” – After taking the elevator, when you enter Comstock House, head to the left and down the hall to find this Kinetoscope.

“Hummingbirds” – After the third Boy of Silence, follow the waypoint and you’ll find this one up the stairs at the end of the hall.

 “Battleship Falls” – In Comstock House, find the room with the projector, proceed through the broken window, then down the hall to the intersection and turn right.

Telescope Locations

Telescope #1

After the boy gives you the telegram, look to the left to find the first Telescope.

Telescope #2

After obtaining the Murder of Crows Vigor, head outside and look toward the gondola station. You should see a floating gondola, jump on the gondola to find this Telescope.

Telescope #3

On the way to Monument Island, when the Skylines are first introduced, take them until you are attacked by two soldiers from a balcony. Drop onto this balcony to find a telescope.

Telescope #4

In Battleship Bay, take the gondola to the other side, then head up the stairs to find this telescope.

Telescope #5

After re-uniting with Elizabeth in the Fort Franklin pier area, this Telescope will be behind you, after she pulls you up.

Telescope #6

In Shantytown, as you make your way toward the police station, find the area labeled the Bull Yard. Use your hook to go up to the balcony on the left as you enter, to find this Telescope.

Telescope #7

During the fight to get into the Factory, you’ll have to destroy a zeppelin to open the gates. After doing this, go up the steps, but not in door. Turn around and you’ll find this Telescope in between the two sets of stairs.

Telescope #8

After obtaining the Undertow Vigor, head into the next area and take the lower route to the far side of the area. You’ll find this Telescope there.

Telescope #10

In Port Prosperity, after crashing the airship, fighting your way to the gondola. Before getting on, look for this Telescope on the right platform.

Telescope 11

On the way back to Comstock House from the Memorial Gardens, look for this Telescope along the right side of the road, between two buildings.

Telescope #12

Right before you get on the gondola to fly to Comstock’s Flagship, look to the left of the gondola to find this Telescope.

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