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Bioshock Infinite Review

Bioshock Infinite

Release Date: March 26th, 2013
Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Irrational Games
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Bioshock Infinite Voxophone Locations Guide

Posted by The Controller Online Staff | 28 Mar 2013 |

You eavesdropper, you.

As you move through the streets of Columbia, in Bioshock Infinite, you’ll find 80 audio logs stored on Voxophones, that you can listen to. This guide will tell you how to find them all, and earn yourself the Eavesdropper achievement/trophy. Please beware, the locations contain minor SPOILERS in the form of locations and order of events that are necessary to guide you in the right direction.

Bioshock Infinite Voxophone (1)


Welcome Center

1. Lady Comstock – In the chapel, to the left of the statue of Comstock, when you first get to Columbia.

2. Zachary Hale Comstock – Behind the Counter in a store called Hudson’s, to the right of the statue when you first enter Columbia proper.

3. Zachary Hale Comstock – On the way to the Columbia Statue, head left at the grocery store to find a flower shop. You’ll find this Voxophone in the garden, on a table.

4. Constance Field – Under the R. Lutece statue on the way to Monument Island.

Raffle Field

5. Jeremiah Fink – Between two cages, after fighting the first group of policemen.

Comstock Center Rooftops

6. Ed Gaines – In the kitchen of the Blue Ribbon Restaurant.

7. Byron Cotswold – Find the building with the skylights, break the glass and enter the building. Look for a small bedroom, and youll find this Voxophone on the shelf.

8. Preston E. Downs – After exiting the house with the printing presses, go down the stairs to the stage and you’ll find the Voxophone up on it.

9. Zachary Hale Comstock – Inside the Fraternal Order of the Raven building, head left of the John Wilkes Booth statue and you’ll find this Voxophone on the bar.

10. Zachary Hale Comstock – On a pew in the chapel where you encounter the purple-hooded men for the first time.

11. First Zealot – Head upstairs in the Fraternal Order of the Raven, and go into the room on the left of the large circular table. This Voxophone will be on one of the desks in this room.

Monument Island Gateway

12. Zachary Hale Comstock – The first time you use the Skyline, you’ll have to stop in a gatehouse to clear a freight car. Find the Voxophone in the back room of the control room.

Monument Tower

13. Ty Bradley – Once you arrive on Monument Island, head into the first building and find this Voxophone in a locker on the left.

14. Ty Bradley – After the room with the arcing electricity, enter a small room on the left and you will find this Voxophone on the counter.

15. Zachary Hale Comstock – In the second room with electricity arcing, look directly under the chalkboard in front of you that says “Facility Unsafe.”

16. Rosalind Lutece – In the fourth specimen observation room, on a chair.

Battleship Bay

17. Ed Gaines – When you wake up on the beach, head directly away from the water and look for this Voxophone under a red and white striped cart.

18. Daisy Fitzroy – After Elizabeth talks about the vending machine, head straight to the end of the hall instead of turning left. Look in the laundry basket in the room at the end of the hall.

19. Zachary Hale Comstock – In the games room, take the left hallway and look in the men’s washroom on the table next to the sinks.

20. Esther Mailer – In the Gondola Station, after the ambush, head up the stairs and into an office on the right.

21. Zachary Hale Comstock – Still in Gondola Station, before heading outside via the door marked “Entrance”, head left through a door and down some plain wooden stairs. Look under the stairs for this Voxophone.

Soldiers Field

22. Daisy Fitzroy – Have Elizabeth pick the lock on the left, in the lobby of Soldier Field and head through the room, into the small office. Look for this Voxophone in an open safe.

23. Zachary Hale Comstock – In the ice cream shop on the Soldiers Field boardwalk, on a table.

Bioshock Infinite Voxophone (2)

24. Rosalind Lutece – In the back of the bookstore on the Soldiers Field boardwalk.

The Hall of Heroes

25. Capt Cornelius Slate – On a desk inside the locked (pickable) office in the Hall of Heroes entrance.

26. Sgt. Leander Manley – In the Kitchen of the The Fellow Traveler, near the Hall of Heroes Gondola.

27. Daisy Fitzroy – In the secret room revealed by breaking the cipher in The Fellow Traveler. (Find the codebook in the cannon in the Ticket building across the street, then activate the hat stand in the other bathroom.)

28. Lance Cpl. Vivian Monroe – On the top floor of the Tickets building near the Hall of Heroes Gondola.

29. Capt. Cornelius Slate – In the Gondola cockpit, after you take the skyline up to the Hall of Heroes.

30. Capt Cornelius Slate – In the office inside the Hall of Heroes building.

31. Lady Comstock – On a chair in the small room on the right, upon entering the First Lady Memorial.

32. Capt Cornelius Slate – During the fight with Slate, a room will open up on the left and soldiers will pour out. Deal with them, then head into the room to find a Voxophone.

Return to Soldiers Field

33. Preston E. Downs – After you get Shock Jockey, return to the Soldiers Field boardwalk and look for the Soldiers Field Hotel in the middle. You can use the sky hook to get to the balcony, then use Shock Jockey to power, and open, the door. This Voxophone will be on the bed, inside the house.

Finkton Docks

34. Hattie Gerst – After exiting the Airship, after meeting Fitzroy, head into the building on the left and look between the two desks.

Beggar’s Wharf

35. Lance Cpl. Vivian Monroe – After you see Elizabeth be captured, in the Fink building, turn to the left to find a couple of desks behind a wall. This Voxophone will be on one of the desks.

Fort Franklin Pier


Worker Introduction Center


Finkton Proper

36. Jeremiah Fink – Inside the office, behind the counter, as soon as you enter Finkton.

37. Capt Cornelius Slate – In a locker to the right of the Finkton service elevator.

The Plaza of Zeal

38. Daisy Fitzroy – On the counter, inside Chen Lin’s Gunsmith shop.

39. Daisy Fitzroy – In Finkton, in the corner to the right of the theatre, by the sawn logs.

40. Jeremiah Fink – In the dressing room, after the battles inside the Good Time Club.

41. Zachary Hale Comstock – On a stool directlly in front of you, after leaving the room with the projector film of Chen Lin.

42. Lance Corporal Vivian Monroe – You must first obtain the code book from the basement of the Good Time Club, then return to the cipher wall, right of the original entrance to the Plaza. Have Elizabeth decipher the code, set the clock on the right to midnight and you’ll find this Voxophone.

Shantytown Area

43. Daisy Fitzroy – On a table in the basement of the Graveyard Shift bar, in Shantytown.

44.  Preston E. Downs – After the destroying the turrets on the police station exterior, use the Skylines to reach the highest point in this area, to the right of the police station. Dismount as the Skyline goes through a building, and you’ll find this Voxophone on the landing.

45. Daisy Fitzroy – In the interrogation room, on the main floor of the Shantytown police station.

46. Pvt. Wilbur Sykes – In the back office, on the top floor of the Shantytown police station.

47. Daisy Fitzroy – After going through the tear in the police impound, head back upstairs and find this Voxophone on the desk in front of you.

48. Hattie Gerst – Head back toward the Graveyard Shift bar, during the Vox rebellion, and you’ll see some Vox Populi members taking a photo with a dead Handyman. The Handyman will be holding this Voxophone.

49. Booker Dewitt – On the bar inside the Graveyard Shift, during the Vox rebellion.

50. Booker Dewitt – When you return to the Gunsmith’s shop, for the third time, on the way to the factory, this Voxophone will be on a shelf to the left of he desk.


51. Jeremiah Fink – On the top floor of the factory, look to the right of the double doors before heading into Fink’s office.

52. Booker Dewitt – After Elizabeth Deals with Daisy in the factory, go into a small room on the right to find this Voxophone.

Port Prosperity

53. Preston E. Downs – After riding the gondola, head up the stairs and follow the halls until you see “The Founders Will Bleed” written on the wall, this Voxophone will be on the floor under the sign.

54. Rosalind Lutece – In the Port Prosperity Grand Central Depot, deal with the enemies then head into the small office on the left of the entrance. This Voxophone will be in tiny back room.

55. Rosalind Lutece – Inside Founder’s Books, just before you exit through the turnstyle, on a shelf on the right.

56. Ronald Frank – In the middle of the lower floor of Founder’s Books.

57. Rosalind Lutece – After listening to the previous Voxophone, by Ronald Frank, you’ll now know to press the button under the register to open the locked door to the back room of the Salty Oyster. Backtrack there, and you’ll find this Voxophone in the back room.

Downtown Emporia (And Surrounding Areas)

58. Rosalind Lutece – After the elevator falls, clear out all of the enemies and have Elizabeth unlock the door on the top level of the far side.

59. Jeremiah Fink – On the way to Comstock House, via the Market District route, move through the ruined market district until you find a house with a hole in the side, that floats up and down, jump through to find this Voxophone.

60. Lady Comstock – On the way to Comstock House, via the Financial District route, after coming through Empora Towers, look for an open house on the right and head downstairs.

61. Zachary Hale Comstock – On the way to Comstock House, via the Financial District route, look for a house on the left that is locked. Have Elizabeth unlock it to find this Voxophone.

62. Constance Field – On the steps up to Comstock house, by some candles and a painting of Lady Comstock.

63. Lady Comstock – On the main floor of the bank, head to the left, then down to the office at the end of the hall. You will see “Hoarder” written on the wall in blood. If you grabbed the codebook from the store on the way to the Market District, Elizabeth will use it to open a secret door. You will find this Voxophone inside.

64. Zachary Hale Comstock – Directly behind the Tear in the Bank.

65. Lady Comstock – In the room to the right of the Tear in the Bank, behind a locked safe, on the floor.

66. Rupert Cunningham – Inside the photography shop, where you find one of the three Tears.

67. Rosalind Lutece – In the Lutece house, head upstairs and you’ll find this Voxophone on the far side of the bed in the master bedroom.

68. Rosalind Lutece – In the kitchen in the Lutece house.

69. Rosalind Lutece – This Voxophone will appear under the Tear in the Lutece house, after you activate it.

Comstock House

70. Elizabeth – Inside the elevator going up to the Warden’s office.

71. Elizabeth – Take the elevator up and follow the halls until you see the sign that says “where we weep.” This Voxophone will be in a coffin, under the fire.

72. Elizabeth – In the room after the room that is filled with mannequin heads, sneak around to the far side and find this Voxophone on the table.

73. Elizabeth – In the main lobby before you head up to the Warden’s Office. Look for a projector that is powered on, but not showing any film.

74. Elizabeth – On a chair in the Warden’s Office.

75. Elizabeth – In the elevator down from the Warden’s Office. Only appears on your way back down.

76. Dr. Harrison Powell – After shutting off the two power sources, have Elizabeth unlock the other door at the top of the stairs. Not the one the mission indicator is telling you to unlock.

77. Rosalind Lutece – On the way to Comstock’s Flagship, cross the bridge and you’ll find a locked door. Have Elizabeth unlock it and you’ll fine a Voxophone inside.

Comstock’s Flagship

78. Rosalind Lutece – On Deck 2 of the flagship, deal with the enemies, but before clearing the Skyline up to the next level, turn directly behind the switch and you’ll see a locked door. Have Elizabeth open it, and you’ll find this Voxophone on a desk inside.

79. Rosalind Lutece – After you encounter Comstock, on the airship, go up the stairs behind him to the left into a bedroom. The Voxphone is on the bed.

80. Zachary Hale Comstock – To the left of the bedroom there is an office, the last Voxophone will be in here.

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  • Kyle

    Is it weird that I also finished with 73 voxophones?

    • James

      I finished with 71 even though I literally felt like I searched EVERYWHERE. They really hidden these Voxophones well.