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Final Fantasy X HD

Final Fantasy X HD

Release Date: March 21st 2014
Genre(s): RPG
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Square Enix
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: None

Final Fantasy X HD Will Include Final Fantasy X-2 HD

Posted by Scott Grant | 22 Mar 2013 |

Two games, one disc!

We’ve known for a while that Final Fantasy X would be getting an HD re-release, but today we’ve confirmed that there will be a special surprise coming along with it when it is released this year.

Final Fantasy X HD


Square-Enix will release Final Fantasy X HD, sometime in 2013, and they’ve confirmed that an HD version of Final Fantasy X-2 will be included on the disc with the PS3 version. PS Vita players will have to download each game separately.

“These games are classic fan-favorites, and we hope that new and old Final Fantasy fans can experience the world of Spira and the story of Tidus and Yuna in a brand-new light with these remastered editions,” said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

We’ll have more on a release date for Final Fantasy X as information becomes available.

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  • Adam

    amazing surprise, stoked!