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Free Game Spotlight: He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe -

Free Game Spotlight: He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 21 Mar 2013 |

I have the power!!!!

He-Man The Most Powerful Game In the Universe iconWhen Chillingo released He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe last October, it would have cost you 99 cents to purchase it, but after a new update that was released yesterday, it won’t cost you anything but some hard drive space on your iPhone or iPad.

The side-scrolling, hack and slash, action game consists of over 30 levels, through Skeletor’s dungeons all the way to Castle Grayskull, and is full of familiar characters like Beast Man, Man-At-Arms, Hordak, Mer-Man, The Sorceress, Orko, Skeletor and more. Throughout the game you will earn Gems, which can then be used to purchase new items, combat abilities, health upgrades and more. It wouldn’t be an iOS game if it didn’t have some micro-transactions and He-Man is no exception, with the option of purchasing additional Gems and other optional items. If it’s just more Gems that you’re after, you can always go back and replay one of the levels or complete challenges to earn more, so you don’t ever really need to spend real money.

He-Man The Most Powerful Game In the Universe.

To play, you swipe your left thumb to move, tap your right thumb to attack and swipe up with your right thumb to jump. The controls are pretty easy to get used to, but definitely work best on the bigger screen of an iPad over an iPhone or iPod Touch. When playing on a smaller screen, like any game that requires both thumbs, you lose so much of the view and I found enemies could sneak up behind, under your left thumb and attack before you noticed them. It wasn’t a major issue, but if you have more than one iOS device, you should stick to playing He-Man on the iPad.

When you’re done the He-Man campaign, or if she’s just more your style, you can play through all of the levels again as She-Ra. She has a few unique abilities, but will share the same pool of Gems as He-Man, which is a nice way to build up your pile. The game is pretty fun and free, so there’s no reason not to check it out, but if you grew up watching He-Man in the 80’s, for nothing other than nostalgia, you should really play this game.

Developer: Glitchsoft
Publisher: Chillingo
Release Date: October 25th, 2012
Age Rating: 9+
Size: 140 MB

Download On: iTunes

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    I`ve got aids… BEASTMAN AIDS!!