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Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity

Release Date: August 18th, 2013
Genre(s): Action
Publisher(s): Disney Interactive Studios
Developer(s): Avalanche Software
Multiplayer: TBA
Co-op: TBA

Get Creative In Disney Infinity’s Toy Box

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 11 Apr 2013 |

You have creative control.

Disney Infinity’s Toy Box lets you create your own adventures, worlds and mini-games, and it’s one of the game’s features that interests me the most. Today, Disney released a new trailer that focuses on the Toy Box, giving us a closer look at what’s possible when you pull out all of your toys and start to play around.

Disney Infinity Toy Box

As you play each of the Disney Infinity Play Sets, you’ll unlock new vehicles, set pieces and objects to use in the Toy Box, giving you more options when building your creations. The initial Disney Infinity set will cost $74.99 and will include three play sets: The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles and Monsters University. You can then purchase additional Play Sets for $34.99 each, such as Cars or Toy Story, which will include two new physical character toys to use on the Infinity Portal and all new pieces to use in the Toy Box. It sounds like you’ll be able to create some really cool stuff in the Toy Box, but it’s not going to be cheap if you want all of the pieces for it.

For now, check out the Disney Infinity Toy Box below.

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  • sarah

    this looks awesome!