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Saints Row 4 Review

Saints Row 4

Release Date: August 20th, 2013
Genre(s): Action
Publisher(s): Deep Silver
Developer(s): Volition
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: 2 Player Online

Volition May Have Outdone Themselves With Saints Row IV

Posted by Peter Carpenter | 09 May 2013 |

How do they keep coming up with all of these ridiculous toys?

Saints Row has always struggled with living under the shadow of Grand Theft Auto and even though the two series are similar in design as Open World, Third-Person Action Shooters, they aren’t even in the same ballpark anymore. With Saints Row IV coming out in August and Grand Theft Auto V right behind it in September, Volition have made some really cool additions to try to prove, once again, that they are much more than just another GTA clone.

Saints Row IV Video Preview

One simple difference that I notice between the two games is how the developers share with their fans, with Volition being very open with Saints Row IV as we get closer to its August 20th release date, and Rockstar being more closed off and limiting what they show us. Volition proved it again today by releasing a new video preview that shows us some of the new features in Saints Row IV. Narrated by the game’s Senior Producer, Jim Boone, we get a nice long look at some of the new weapons, combat moves, vehicles (including the new Mech) and super powers that our character will have at their disposal.

The Inflato-Ray is hilarious, but the super powers are what interest me the most in Saints Row IV, with abilities like being able to run super fast, jump over buildings, glide through the air, freeze enemies and objects and being able to grab and throw enemies and objects using telekinesis, to name a few. Combining these abilities with the hand to hand combat moves and tossing in some of the ridiculous weapons that Saints Row has become known for should make Saints Row IV, if nothing else, one of the most fun games of 2013.

Grand Theft Auto is a great series, but Rockstar have kept things more realistic in their games, and Volition have taken Saints Row so far over the top that I’m not sure if they would even know how to come back down if they wanted to. I’m glad the two series have taken different paths and I’m really glad that one of them has become so ridiculous that massive purple dildo bats and guns that blow people up like a balloon don’t feel out-of-place. We need that kind of fun in our video game lives and I hope that Saints Row IV is as much fun to play as it is to watch.

For now, check out the video below to see some of the new features in Saints Row IV in action.

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  • Ace Marlow

    I LOVED Saints Row, and then Saints Row 2 came around and it was pretty good too. But then comes Saints Row 3 and the bed was kind of shit in. Now Saints Row 4 looks like it is sooo far away from where the series started that it shouldn’t even be under the same title. I am not saying it won’t be good but I don’t think it will be a Saints Row game.

    • Adam

      I kind of agree. I gaven`t played any of them (hence “kind of” agree) but only because i never got around to it. The first one looked good, second one did too. Now they seem like a bit of a circus. Might think different of course if i play them, but the way they seem to have gone seem completely different then the series i had on my “games to play” radar.

      • Ace Marlow

        If you are looking for a cheap, tie up some time, reasonably good gameplay, despite its age, gameplay, then I recommend picking up the first and second.