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RIPD The Game Review

R.I.P.D The Game

Release Date: July 17th, 2013
Genre(s): Third Person Shooter
Publisher(s): Atlus
Developer(s): Old School Games
Multiplayer: None
Co-op: 2 Player Online and Local

RIPD The Game Review

Posted by Scott Grant | 17 Jul 2013 |

Better let this one rest in peace.

RIPD The GameMovie tie-in games are hard to get excited for, if you pay any attention to history, but R.I.P.D The Game is being made by the same crew that just finished a game that we enjoyed so there is cause for hope. Old School Games, makers of God Mode, have been tasked with building the game version of Hollywood’s latest, over-the-top, action movie and they’ve taken an approach that is obviously familiar to them. Sadly R.I.P.D The Game doesn’t prove any of the movie game stereotypes wrong, even for a fraction of the usual price.

Single Player

R.I.P.D The Game, follows the same story, when there is any story, as the upcoming movie of the same name. I don’t know much about the origins of this world, but it is one where dead cops are recruited into something called the Rest In Peace Department and are sent back to the land of the living to destroy ‘Deados’, the escaped souls of criminals. If this sounds a little ridiculous, don’t worry, this isn’t a story that tries to take itself seriously and the whole thing has a very comic book feel to it.

Visually, R.I.P.D The Game is better than expected and goes for a tame cell-shaded feel that captures the comic book spirit without going completely cartoony. It would have been nice if the visuals had been accompanied by any sort of narrative or story telling, beyond the opening movie, but no explanations are given for why you are in each map and no narrative rewards are given for completing a map.

RIPD The Game

Die! Again. Please.


In terms of gameplay, R.I.P.D The Game is a third person shooter that is setup much like your classic firefight / survival mode from other shooters and is also about as basic as it can get when it comes to the games it is inspired by. Players will pick a map, which are set in locations like meth labs, libraries, and other places criminals like to hang out, and then face five escalating waves of bad guys. Successive kills will grant you access to special powers like dropping an automated turret or tying up an enemy.

There is no cover system, but the lack of danger you’ll actually be in from the game’s lackluster enemy AI means you won’t be needing anywhere to hide. The only thing I suggest you do avoid are the larger enemies, named criminals, who can knock characters down with a special attack. This attack doesn’t do any damage but it does render you useless for a couple of seconds and the reason you really want to avoid getting in close with these guys is that they can repeat this attack over and over without giving you a chance to get up, fire your weapon, or run away. I’m not kidding when I say I was caught in one of these loops for well over five minutes, unable to do anything.

RIPD The Game

If it’s OK with you guys, I’m just going to stand behind this fence.


R.I.P.D The Game does have a decent progression system, and those who enjoy the game will be able to spend a few hours unlocking all of the guns and other helpful items but the game doesn’t do much to make you want to stick around that long.


R.I.P.D The Game allows you to play with two players, either online or local. The main feature here are the ‘Bets’ which players can select at the start of a match, and which allow you to battle to see who will get the most kills, the most headshots and so on. Bets can make things interesting for a few rounds but, as with the rest of the game, this system isn’t deep enough to keep you coming back for very long.

Closing Comments

R.I.P.D The Game ends up being exactly what you would expect from a movie tie-in game, but it does have the distinction of only costing ten dollars where the others usually try to charge far more than that. This isn’t a terrible game but the bottom line is that plenty of other games on the market do what it does, and do it much better. Coupled with the fact that it doesn’t really add anything for fans of the movie and R.I.P.D The Game ends up being a game that is better off staying dead.

Score: 5/10

Price: $10
Release Date: July 17th, 2013
Available On: Xbox Live Arcade, PS3, PC

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