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Xbox Live is Down 07-09-2013 -

Xbox Live is Down 07-09-2013

Posted by Scott Grant | 09 Jul 2013 |

Users may be unable to sign in to Xbox Live.

If you’ve tried to login to Xbox Live tonight, you may be out of luck as Microsoft has just released a service alert for Xbox Live sign-ins.

Xbox live update


The service alert was issued, by Xbox Support, notifying us that users may see issues signing into Xbox Live on all platforms. This includes Xbox 360, Windows 8, Games for Windows Live, Xbox.com and Windows Phone. Currently there are only scattered reports of users being unable to sign in but you can see that friend info and recent activity, among other user account elements, are not being displayed on Xbox.com.

Xbox Support have informed us that the next update will be available in 30 minutes. Stay tuned.

Update: As of 12:30 AM EST the service alert is ongoing with Xbox Support saying, “We want our members to know that we’re working hard on the issue that you’re experiencing when you try to connect to Xbox LIVE. We’re here for you and we’re very grateful for your patience. We’ll let you know more in 30 minutes!”

Update: As of 2:00 AM EST the service alert has been cleared and users are now able to login to Xbox Live again.

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  • Poop

    Y u no work xbl

  • bigassdude56481

    live is still not working and its he 23 of july wtf ms

  • Fordy

    Microsoft what can i say. This is to serious to just ignore. I had an update today and cant get apps of any kind. I thought this was a media centre ha. They should phone there fruity competitor about software and ask how its done. They done get hic ups like this. Tut tut microsoft.

  • get a life

    haha!! xbox didnt go down for me until the system update. I really don’t care anyways. I have a life when it gets fixed, it gets fixed, its life. Soo I’m going go outside and enjoy the real life.

  • Phuck Xbox

    It’s annoying the hell out of me. I still can’t turn on my Xbox without it freezing up and I tried turning off my wifi. Logging into an account that is not live and other stuff and it crashes everytime it loads. Considering that we are paying money for this awful service…….. I can’t wait til the ps4 comes out.

  • Adam

    Oh my god! XBL went down for an hour, what do i do!!!!!
    LOL, reading these comments is sad, and hilarious, as hell. Go outside. Read a book. Go meet a girl/boy. Draw. Watch a Movie. Play a board game. Play a sport, with real friends, in person. Loads of options to kill an hour, or two, or evening. Some of these people seriously need help judging by most of these comments.

  • aRviN

    I think XBOX LIVE is fix now ? I can open their website flawless. :)

  • Deep Bluesky

    The machines are invading!!!!!!!!!!

  • aRviN

    Having a problem too guys. My gamerscore became 0 lol ! Then I tried to restart my console and poof ! My Friends are gone and my avatar is a ghost ! ._.

  • Deep Bluesky

    What the fuck is this I payed for this console and paying $100 a year so I demand a refund!!!

    • dibils

      you pay $100 for Gold? what an idiot

      • Adam

        HAHAHA Exactly!

  • evafan001

    … really? I pay good money for this service. it’s 12:30 AM est. and still cannot connect w/ friends and co-workers. What am I paying for again…?

  • andy

    Gfy Microsoft

  • x SDG x

    Soon hopefully